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    Implacable Enedora ((シュウ)(ネン) の エネドラ Shūnen no Enedora ?) is Episode 32 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    Enedora is defeated by the joint efforts of Border agents, and subsequently killed by Mira. Later, Mira gives Hyrein support in battle, and he is able to defeat Izumi.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Enedora wonders why Shinoda didn't immediately bail out, asking if he has internal shields, and continues taunting him. Suwa and Tsutsumi start shooting at Enedora, but he calmly blocks it by making a bunch of dummies. Suwa Squad's operator, Rui Osano, then activates Starmaker which leaves a marker on whatever a Gunner trigger hits effectively nullifying the problem. Suwa calls for Sasamori to deliver the final blow, but Enedora already knew about Chameleon and stabs the former, forcing him to Bail Out which causes a smokescreen. Suwa and Tsutsumi start firing as a distraction for Kikuchihara and Utagawa to slash apart his Trion Relay and Supply system.

    Enedora is shocked as he didn't realize those two were hiding and how Sasamori was used as a sacrificial pawn, and gets angry while his trion body is crumbling apart. Shinoda explains how the stealth fighters were waiting for Enedora to run out of dummies so when he finally did, they would be able to finish him off securing their victory. Sawamura congratulates Shinoda for winning while Kinuta is relieved as he was worried Shinoda would fail. Kikuchihara tell Suwa to remember that the killing blow went to Kazama Squad, which annoys Suwa, but Kazama butts in and asks Suwa to tell Sasamori that he was a good distraction, Suwa asks Sasamori if he heard that and confirms while saying thank you and crying.

    Enedora is kicked out of his trion body and is angry due to losing to some "monkeys" Kikuchihara asks what they should do with Enedora as he was responsible for some deaths at Operator Central, Shinoda says to capture him, and to be on guard but tells them to make sure not to go too far. Mira tells Hyrein that Enedora was defeated, Hyrein tells Mira that he'll leave it to her, Enedora thinks about how Mira will pick him up but wonders why she is taking so long. Mira then pops up through a wormhole, saying that she's here for the retrieval and notes that he looks pretty beaten, while Enedora asks what took so long before putting out his hand. Mira then uses her trigger to stab his wrist to lock it in place to the shock of Enedora, she apologizes and says she is supposed to retrieve his trigger while taking Vorvoros.

    Enedora insults Mira in confusion but Mira confesses that they don't even know what to do with him and asks if he has seen the color if his eye, the black colored eye is proof that the Trion Receptor is rooted deeply into his brain even claiming that he'll die soon anyways. Mira talks about how the deep rooted Horn Trigger is affecting his personality to the point that he has became very unruly and disobedient and most importantly, lost to normal trigger users while using a black trigger which was his final disgrace, so they will go find someone more suitable for Vorvoros and will find a better user in no time using the data in his horns.

    Enedora yells at Mira telling her that Vorvoros is his trigger and to give it back, and then Mira kills him. Suwa is shocked at the murder, Shinoda asks Suwa to call the rescue squad because they'll take him in, Kikuchihara says he's already dead but Shinoda says it doesn't matter as the horns are unknown technology, to which Kinuta agrees with. Shinoda asks Kazama Squad to look for a beacon, as even if she uses a black trigger, she can't just teleport anywhere she wants. Shinoda stops Kikuchihara for a second and thanks him for sharing his Hearing Side Effect and says it is a good side effect, but Kikuchihara tells him to thank him with a bonus instead while Utagawa thinks he found the beacon. Suwa is slightly disgusted since the Away Teams are used to this.

    Yūichi Jin feels the future shift again and asks Usami what happpened, to which she gives him a brief rundown on the fight against Enedora, and tells him that she'll keep him updated if anything else happens. Jin then relays the info to Hyuse in a somewhat mocking manner and claimed that he could be next, Hyuse tells him to shut up and accepts it as a psychological tactic so he shouldn't listen to Jin, Hyuse then uses his trigger to attack Jin and break through the sewer.

    On another side of the battlefield, Hyrein and Izumi are shooting at each other with their triggers. Though Izumi holds him back for a whie, Hyrein eventually breaks through Izumi's defense, rendering Izumi's left arm useless. Hyrein taunts him by bringing back what Izumi said earlier about getting payback. Izumi tells him to not get cocky as he figured out his trigger only works on trion destroys the surrounding buildings. Yōsuke sees the explosion and is confused about what's happening, but Tsukimi apologizes for being late and says they'll take the humanoid neighbor.

    Hyrein mocks Izumi, and is shot in the hip by Narasaka. Izumi destroying the buildings has cleared the way for the snipers. Izumi notes that his trigger must have a high consumption rate due to the complex movement and attack capability coupled with his large wound must mean he will run out of Trion soon, so Izumi opts for a "Stamina Contest" and hurls Asteroids at him. Tsukimi tells her Squad's snipers as well as Isami Tōma, that Izumi will wear down Hyrein's guard and the Snipers have to shoot through the gap created. Tōma tries to turn it into a game and says it sounds like fun, Kodera however isn't amused, which annoys Tōma a bit, but Tsukimi doesn't care as long as they can hit the target to which Tōma understands then mentioned how rare it is for Jin to ask him for a favor directly, so it should be a piece of cake for them. Tōma and Narasaka both hit Hyrein through the gap which makes a hole in his right arm and leg which amazes Izumi. Tōma notes how he is protecting his head and heart, on top of that his cape is like armor, but Narasaka says it's not an issue as they'll wear him down eventually.

    Hyrein thinks about how his bullets can't reach that far so he asks Mira where she is at, she says she retrieved Vorvoros and is in front of Border HQ, as arranged. He then asks her to go to the snipers on the roof and use Rabbits to drive them away. She then uses a string of portals to get to the roof, and then move the rabbits that were fighting Yōsuke and Karasuma and move it to where the snipers were at. Fuyushima uses Switchbox to teleport the snipers away from the Rabbits, and Narasaka tries shooting at Mira, but she sends the shot back towards him. Narasaka comments on how they need to shoot her from her blind spot, but Fuyushima mentions there is no places to hide, however Suwa Squad and Kazama Squad are heading over there, so they should wait so they can work together.

    Tōma wonders if there is a chance that the Rabbits will try and destroy the base, however Kodera says it is unlikely as they seem to care about them more than the base, so their purpose is to try and stop them from shooting at Hyrein. The best way to do that would be to secure the area closest towards him, which is what Mira did, Narasaka comments on how it would be easier if they moved around, Mira tells Hyrein how she secured the sniping spots and asks what to do next, to which Hyrein tells her to stay put.

    Izumi thinks about how the snipers were stopped but says they did their job as no more fish has been added so he can just take him out with enough firepower, with a smug face Hyrein says his face makes him think the fight is over, but then starts healing by using the cubified shooter cubes. Hyrein says it was a valid effort while Izumi says it is annoying, and then Bails out, Hyrein says he was skilled and wishes he could capture him and turn him into his subordinate. Izumi apologizes to Karasuma, but he says it isn't an issue as he bought alot of time, he then asks Usami how long it would take for Osamu and co to reach HQ.

    Usami says less 3 minutes or so, so Karasuma activates his personal trigger - Geist and sets the shift to Blade, which easily lets him slice the Rabbit in half. Karasuma then says he will fight for the 3 minutes that it takes for Osamu and co to reach the base.

    580 seconds remain until the crossroad of fate.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit source]

    Triggers in Order of Appearance[edit source]

    Triggers in italics are seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

    Adapted Chapters[edit source]

    Differences Between the Anime and Manga[edit source]

    • The Anime doesn't show Sasamori until he slashes at Enedora while in the Manga, you can see him be invisible.
    • The Anime adds a scene with Kyōko Sawamura congratulating Shinoda.
      • Another scene was added not long after where Kinuta was worried that Shinoda would fail.
    • The Anime switches how the order of events was shown as in the Manga, Mira says he would retrieve Vorvoros then Kikuchihara asks what they should do with Enedora, while in the Anime it is the other way around.
    • The Anime censors how Mira takes away Vorvoros by stabbing his wrist in place instead of cutting it off like in the Manga.
    • The Anime adds a Flashback about Enedora before he is killed.
    • The Anime adds a scene with Kinuta agrees with Shinoda.
      • another scene was added shortly after where Shinoda asks Kinuta to repair the walls.
    • The Anime adds a scene where Karasuma says he'll fight for the 3 minutes it takes for Osamu and co to reach the base

    Errors[edit source]

    • When Izumi is using Hound, the anime changed it so Izumi's hand is right hand is up implying he is using his main but his Hound is on his sub.
    • When Izumi used Asteroid in a "stamina contest" with Hyrein, the bullets curve more like Hound.
    • When Karasuma enters Blade Shift, the anime incorrectly depicts the value for "Special" as 2 instead of 1.

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