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    Border (ボーダー, Bōdā ?) is an agency in Mikado City. It was created for the sake of protecting the city from Neighbor attacks. They fight them by the means of Triggers, technology used by Neighbors.

    History[edit source]

    Main article: Old Border

    Before it became publicly known, Border was a secret organization with the purpose of being an intermediary between "Earth" and Neighbors. Along with its establishment, Border had made an alliance with three Neighbor nations, Aristera, Meson, and Dexio — using the building that would later become Tamakoma's base as its headquarters.

    Old Border's members

    Between its establishment and 6 years before the start of the series, Border had 19 people within its ranks. However, about a year later, an allied nation was invaded by a hostile nation; when Borders sent its forces to assist, 10 out of 19 died, with some becoming Black Triggers. After the incident, the organization split into two, one becoming the current Headquarters and the other becoming Tamakoma Branch.

    About four and a half years before the start of the series, Border made its first public appearance when the First Large-Scale Invasion occurred. Soon after that, Border built its Headquarters in the middle of an area known as the Danger Zone and began recruiting new members.

    Duties[edit source]

    The management supervises all Border employees and the safety of Mikado City from Neighbor-related threats. They are also involved in tasks such as P.R., a gathering of funds, and supervision of the R&D Department, as well as in the organization of away expeditions. Engineers are in charge of all matters technology-related, while Operators provide intelligence to agents and serve as their connection to HQ. Agents fight Trion Soldiers and similar threats. However, they are not always at the scene in time, leaving citizens to fend for themselves or another field agent to report for duty. Some agents are also involved in P.R. initiatives and recruiting. A-rank and B-rank members are paid, but C-rank trainees are not,[1] as they are not official agents and are not supposed to engage in combat outside of training. However, they have recently received clearance to activate their Triggers to help with evacuation and rescue during emergencies.[2]

    Ranks[edit source]

    There are four ranks available to Border agents. These ranks do not constitute an actual hierarchy, but express the status of an agent and their team within Border: C-rank is for trainees, A and B-rank are for official agents with normal Triggers, and S-rank is for official agents wielding Black Triggers.

    New agents start from C-rank. When they reach 4000 usage points with their Training Trigger, they are promoted to B-rank and allowed to form a squad. To advance to A-rank, the squad must perform well in Rank Wars, meaning it is not the individual who is promoted, but the team as a whole. Agents who wield Black Triggers are immediately categorized as S-rank and do not participate in rank wars. In general, only A-rank agents are sent to the Neighborhood, but there will be exceptions among select B-ranks for the upcoming expedition in light of an increased away ship capacity.

    Usage Points[edit source]

    Border uses a point system to track agents' skills with their Trigger or Trigger set. C-Class trainee agents start from 1000 points, but they are given extra points if they have performed well in the preliminary tests. Points can be earned by winning optional rank wars against other trainees, while losses result in a deduction of points. The greater the point gap, the fewer the points awarded to the winner if they had a large advantage in points. Vice versa, if they lose in the same conditions, they will lose more points than normal: when someone with 1,100 points defeats an opponent with 2358, 225 will be taken. Cadets can also fight official agents, but the scores of the two contestants will not be altered at the end of the match.

    Attacker, Gunner, and Shooter trainees can also score points in group training sessions that take place twice a week.[3] There are five drills, only three of which are known: Topography Traversal Training, Covert Action Training, and Detection and Tracking Training.[4] Sniper trainees, on the other hand, receive points based on their performance during joint Sniper training. A perfect score awards 20 points, for a maximum of 200 points per week.[3] During the most recent enlistment session, all cadets started with 1,000 points and took part in four five-way matches, due to the session taking place at an irregular date with no time for a probationary period. Extra points can also be given out by the management as special awards for exceptional service.[5] Individual points determine an agent's Solo Ranking (how they fare in comparison to all other official agents) as well as their Position Ranking (how they fare in comparison to all other official agents with the same position).

    When a cadet reaches 4,000 points with their Trigger, they are promoted to B-rank.[6] Sniper cadets can also be promoted if they manage to make the top 15% for three weeks in a row.[7] An agent's points correspond to their highest score with any one Trigger in their possession. Dropping below 4,000 points with all of one's Triggers does not result in the demotion from official agent to trainee, but this would be the case if the score of any Trigger drops below 1,500; however, this has never occurred thus far. An agent who reaches 8,000 points with any one Trigger is said to have reached Master Class with it. Official agents adding a new Trigger to their set will start from 3,000 points, 4,000 if they are Master Class. In Rank Wars, if an agent fights with two Triggers, the one which dealt the final blow receives 70% of the total score, the other one 30%.

    Members[edit source]

    Administration[edit source]

    General Staff[edit source]

    S-rank[edit source]

    A-rank[edit source]

    (Elite, about 30 people[8])

    B-rank[edit source]

    (Main Force, about 100 people[8])

    Top Tier[edit source]

    Middle Tier[edit source]

    Lower Tier[edit source]

    The rankings for the following squads are unknown as of the most recent manga chapter.

    C-rank[edit source]

    (Trainees, more than 400 people[8])

    Factions[edit source]

    According to Jin, there are roughly three unofficial ideological factions within Border.

    Not all squads fall into these factions. However, everyone who is in a faction directly responds to their faction leader and does not have to follow other leaders' orders, like what Yūichi Jin did in Chapter 17.

    Headquarters[edit source]

    The core of Border's operations is a massive fortress with trion cannons and reinforced walls. Aside from offices, common areas, and other ordinary spaces, it contains laboratories for the engineers, control rooms for Operators, private rooms for official squads, and virtual spaces for agents to train in. Deep underground is also a vessel made out of trion which houses the Away Ship; further below lies the Mother Trigger. Surrounding the headquarters is an unhinabited, devastated portion of Mikado City where Gates are redirected, so they open away from ordinary citizens. However, this technology cannot prevent Rads from opening portals elsewhere.

    Branches[edit source]

    There are 6 branches in Border. Personnel that are not aiming for A-rank are associated with a branch. They are placed on the outskirts of the danger zone, and act as a contact point for locals.[9]

    • Tamakoma
    • Suzunari
    • Wataayu (綿(わた)(あゆ) ?)
    • Yumite District ((ゆみ)()(まち), Yumete-Machi ?)
    • Hayanuma ((はや)(ぬま) ?)
    • Kuma (()() ?)

    Trivia[edit source]

    • In the Viz version, it was called Border Defense Agency, which is also in Border's logo.
    • The uniforms of current Border agents are different from those of Old Border members due to the engineers increasing in number.[10]
    • Border agents are categorized by those who constantly use a trion body at HQ and those who don’t. The former are rumored to have problems sleeping due to their flesh and blood bodies not getting tired.[11]

    References[edit source]

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      Source: World Trigger Twitter
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      Source: Border Briefing File, Page 314, Question 219

    Navigation[edit source]

    Commander in Chief Masamune Kido
    Administration Eizō NetsukiKatsumi KarasawaKyōko SawamuraMasafumi ShinodaMotokichi KinutaTakumi Rindō
    General Staff Michael CroninRaizō TerashimaSeiji Mizunuma
    S-Rank Tsukihiko Amō
    A-Rank Ai KitoraAsumi AmakuraFutaba KuroeHayato UnoIsami TōmaJun ArashiyamaKazuma SatomiKei TachikawaKen SatoriKirie KonamiKōhei IzumiKyōsuke KarasumaMai KitagawaMitsuru TokiedaNozomi KakoReiji KizakiRyō UtagawaRyūji SaekiShinji FuyushimaShirō KikuchiharaShōhei KoderaShūji MiwaShun MidorikawaSōya KazamaTakaaki KatagiriTakeru YuigaTōichirō MomozonoTōru NarasakaYōsuke YoneyaYūichi JinYukimaru Ichijō
    B-Rank Atsushi HokariChika AmatoriDaichi TsutsumiFumika TeruyaHanao TsukimiHaruaki AzumaHidetaka KitazoeHiro KitazoeHisato SasamoriHitoshi MatsushiroHyuseItsuki FujisawaKai MinamisawaKazuaki ŌjiKazuki KurauchiKazuto TonookaKeizō MamiyaKō MurakamiKōji OkiKōtarō SuwaKotarō TomoeKuniharu KakizakiMakoto ChanoMamoru TokiwaMasakuni HakodaMasataka NinomiyaMasato KageuraMinoru HataMitsuya KoinumaNoboru KoaraiOsamu MikumoRei NasuRokurō WakamuraRyōgo FunabashiSatoru HayakawaSatoshi MizukamiSeiji MaruiShinnosuke TsujiShō MotegiSumiharu InukaiTaichi BetsuyakuTakahiro EbinaTakuma YubaTatsuhito IkomaTatsuya KurumaTetsuji ArafuneTokiya SaitōTsuneyuki OkuderaWaka UtsunomiyaWataru UrushimaYōko KatoriYoshinobu KeraYoshito HanzakiYūichirō YoshizatoYukari ObishimaYukito OtokawaYūko KumagaiYūma KugaYūta MiuraYutaka KashioYūya TsuchisakiYuzuru Ema
    C-Rank Fumifumi SaotomeHidehide HinoeIzuho NatsumeTeruteru Kōda
    Operators Aki HiyamiAn KobayakawaAoi KusumotoAsami TayaAsuka AsagiriAyumu HatoriHana SomeiHaruka AyatsujiHaya KittakaHazuki NanaoHikari NireKaho MikamiKarin YuitsukaMadoka UiMako HitomiMaori HosoiMegumi TokuraNono FujimaruRen TsukimiRika RokutaRin KagamiRisa MakiRui OsanoSaki KusakabeSakurako TaketomiSayoko ShikiShiori UsamiYuka KonYuri RindōYuu Kunichika
    Former Border Agents Akane HiuraMirai HatoharaTadaomi KandaYūgo Kuga
    Affiliated Personnel RaijinmaruReplicaIzuho's CatRinji AmatoriRuka ShinodaYōtarō Rindō
    Old Border
    Hibiki TairaIbuki WakisakaKaede NamekataKengo SōmaKirie KonamiManabu KaiMasafumi ShinodaMasamune KidoMato KujōMotoki SuzumuraReiji KizakiRintarō ChihiroRyōji KiriyamaShin KazamaSōichi MogamiTakumi RindōTetsuya UmesakiYūichi JinYuri Rindō
    Squads Arafune SquadArashiyama SquadAzuma SquadChano SquadEbina SquadFuyushima SquadHayakawa SquadIkoma SquadKageura SquadKakizaki SquadKako SquadKatagiri SquadKatori SquadKazama SquadKusakabe SquadKōda SquadMamiya SquadMatsushiro SquadMiwa SquadNasu SquadNinomiya SquadŌji SquadSuwa SquadSuzunari First (Kuruma Squad)Tachikawa SquadTamakoma First (Kizaki Squad)Tamakoma Second (Mikumo Squad)Tokiwa SquadUrushima SquadYoshizato SquadYuba Squad
    Branches Hayanuma BranchHisama BranchSuzunari BranchTamakoma BranchWataayu BranchYumite District Branch
    Factions Kido FactionShinoda FactionTamakoma Branch
    Triggers AsteroidBagworm • Bagworm Tag • Bail OutChameleonCobraConnectorDummy BeaconEgret • Enhanced Radar • EscudoFūjinFull ArmsFull AttackGeistGimletGrasshopperHornetHoundIbisIdatenKogetsu (Spear/Gen'yō/Senkū) • Lead BulletLightning • Makō • MeteorRadarRaygust (Shield Mode/Thruster) • SalamanderScorpionShield (Fixed Mode/Full Guard) • SilencerSōgetsu (Axe) • SpiderStarmakerSwitchboxTeleporter • Timer • TomahawkTrion BodyViperYūma's Black Trigger
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