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    Ema defeats Tatsuya Kuruma by sniping through the ceiling.

    Ema is an extraordinarily gifted Sniper who boasts the top score among agents of middle school age.[1][2] This puts his overall solo ranking even above Shun Midorikawa's, who nearly hit 10,000 points before a series of losses at Yūma Kuga's hands caused him to drop to the low 9,700s.[3] It is a testament to his talent that he is able to maintain his position even as he slacks off during joint practice.[4][1][2] His natural aptitude was honed under the tutelage of Mirai Hatohara, whose skill Ema believes to be unmatched in Border,[5] and he received further instructions from Isami Tōma[6] the no. 1 Sniper and no. 4 solo combatant.[7] His individual combat prowess is reflected by his squad formerly holding the position of A-rank #6 and currently remaining firmly rooted at the top of B-rank[8] despite the lack of planning before a rank war.[9][10][11] It was only after the addition of Hyuse that Tamakoma Second was able to oust them from the no. 2 spot in B-rank.[12]

    Like his mentor, Ema is a masterful sharpshooter, acknowledged as such by the likes of Tōru Narasaka.[13] He is capable of drawing a star by shooting at a stationary target[14] without effort.[4] He is one of the few Snipers who can score lethal hits[15][16] on immobile targets[17] even through walls, as long as they are visible on Radar[17][15][16] or marked by an Operator.[18] Attackers and Shooters are wary of approaching him due to his ability to hit a moving target even at close range,[19][20] which allows him to fight in a similar way to a Gunner. Although this carries more risk than sniping through walls,[21] the danger is mitigated by his proficiency at stealth, in which he has enough confident to claim that he would ordinarily be able to escape Masataka Ninomiya even with a wounded leg.[22] His technical expertise extends to matching the Sniper Trigger to the target based on the latter's ability to counter, although in other instances, such as when covering an ally, he will prioritize timing over hit probability,[1] as well as to positioning himself so as to hit two opponents with one bullet.[23]

    Ema's sniping skills are complemented by unwavering focus, which allowed him to shoot off Osamu Mikumo's arm while he and the two Attackers of Azuma Squad were shocked by the sudden darkness, although he failed to hit a vital spot.[24] In that same match he gave proof of his quick thinking when he used the stock of his rifle to create an escape route that did not require him to jump up and leave himself vulnerable to his pursuers' Senkū.[25]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Yuzuru Ema's Triggers
    Type Normal Ibis

    Sniper Class

    Ema uses Ibis against opponents who are able to block Egret with a focused Shield, breaking through it.[1] He can land a hit even on highly skilled opponents from a frontal position and in spite of Ibis's low bullet speed,[26] which vouches not only for a remarkable level of accuracy, but also for sound situational assessment. Ibis is also his rifle of choice to shoot through walls, a feat which requires the opponent to be stationary and visible on Radar,[17] and to fight at Gunner range. Due to its power and his skill, his opponents may be wary of confronting him in an open field, preferring to launch an attack only after he has opened fire,[15][20] capitalizing on the rifle's long cooldown period between shots.[27] On one such occasion Ema created an escape route for himself by smashing a pane of glass with the stock of the weapon.[25] Combined with clever positioning, its firepower may be used by Ema to take out lined-up opponents with a single pull of the trigger.[23] He is first seen using Ibis in Chapter 113 (Episode 69 in the anime).
    Type Normal Egret

    Sniper Class

    Ema is so accurate with this Trigger that he can draw a star[14] by shooting into a 50 cm stationary target that moves farther away every five shots from a starting distance of 100 meters.[28] On that occasion he landed all 60 shots[14] with so little effort that Chika Amatori deemed him capable of putting a bullet exactly where he wants.[4] Ema is first seen using Egret in Chapter 107 (Episode 66 in the anime).
    Type Normal Bagworm

    Optional Class

    Trigger that prevents the user's trion signature from being detected by Radar, therefore concealing their position. As a Sniper, Ema uses it nearly at all times during combat, the exception being when he fights at mid-range after his position is discovered so he can switch to Shield as needed;[19] however, should his goal be to escape, he will dispel whatever other Trigger is currently active to defend.[29] He is first seen using Bagworm in Chapter 107 (Episode 66 in the anime).
    Type Normal Shield

    Defense Class

    Ema uses Shield when attacked by a mid-ranged fighter, whether to escape[29] or to set up his next shot. In the latter case he will cast it with its standard size and hexagonal shape, protecting his torso and part of his head and legs. This Shield will be slightly off-center to allow him to retaliate, as he rests his rifles against his right shoulder.[19] When trying to escape Ninomiya he summoned a slightly wider barrier, possibly in order to minimize the surface of his body exposed to scattered bullets in the brief instant before he jumped off the building, even if the decrease in durability caused it to break almost immediately.[29] Ema is first seen using Shield in Chapter 113 (Episode 69 in the anime).

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 114[30] 6 8 6 5 10 9 2 1 47

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