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    C-Rank is the lowest tier of Border's combat personnel.[1][2] C-Rank agents are trainees[1][2], who originally couldn't use their triggers outside of Border HQ[3], but can now use it to help out with evacuations.[4] C-Rank trainees are not paid due to their status[5], but trainees can receive awards for special contributions.[6]

    Due to their status, C-Ranks are not given Strategy Room.[7] It is unknown if C-Rank agents can customize their triggers like official agents.[8]

    There are two ways to become a C-Rank agent, the primarily method is through the enlistment exam[9][1][10] which consists of a basic physical and academic test as well as a interview.[9][1][10] Other than low Trion levels or a criminal record the person won't be rejected.[9][10]

    the second method is being scouted by Border[10] or by an A-Rank agent in another prefecture.[10] which the recruit could be exempted from taking the exam, and could even choose where to be assigned.[10]

    After passing the enlistment exam, border's judges choose the position and trigger each C-Rank agent will start out with[11], however the agent can change to a different trigger or position whenever they like.[11]

    When border's enlistment day happens all new recruits become a C-Rank agent.[12]

    Under normal conditions, the ceremony happens 3 times a year[12] or every 4 months.[13] Before the enlistment ceremony, each new recruit has to do a provisional enlistment[14][15] in each more talented people will have extra points in comparison to others.[14][15]

    After the press conference on January 27th the amount of applications made it so Border has to do an enlistment ceremony every month.[13] Additionally the recruits aren't able to do the provisional enlistment[15] which also makes it so no one can get extra points through the enlistment.[15] Instead a quick skill test will be done[15] where the C-Rank agents will be separated into groups of 5 where they fight everyone else[16], and receive 120 points for every enemy the agent takes down.[16] This continues until each agent has done 4 matches.[16]

    To become B-Rank, a C-Rank trainee must reach 4,000 points with their Trigger.[17][18] Snipers are special due to their consistent training regimen, and they can be promoted if they manage to stay in the top 15% for three weeks in a row.[19]

    The only known way for an official agent to be demoted to C-Rank if their points hit below 1,500[20], currently no one has ever been demoted through this method.[20]

    It is possible for a C-Rank agent to request a transfer to being an Engineer[21][22] or Operator[23][22] or apply as one from the beginning[21][23]

    Squads[edit source]

    C-Ranks seemingly can't make squads as the only known C-Rank squad is unregistered[24], and how the squad creation process only mentions B-rank and above agents.[25]

    Trivia[edit source]

    • C-Rank agents are not told about Trion[26], but seem to hear about it.[26]
    • When Chika was a C-Rank agent at Tamakoma Branch, she was given a Tamakoma trigger that had all three sniper rifles, and bagworm.[27]

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