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    The Captain's Duty ((タイ)(チョウ)(ツト)Taichō no Tsutome ?) is Episode 70 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    When his squad suffers from their first loss in the Rank Wars, Osamu begins to think on how to fulfill his duty as a leader.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Kageura and Yūma have one final standoff before Ninomiya intervenes. Yūma goes to attack Ninomiya, and gets bailed out. The remaining three captain wait until the round ends, and despite no survival points being awarded Ninomiya Squad wins the round. Kazama and Kako give final comments and corrections to the round, and then Round 4 is over. Osamu, Chika, and Yuma go back to base together, and while Osamu doubts his own abilities Yuma and Chika reassure him that they chose him to be their captain and that they trust him and believe in him.

    Back at the base, Yōtarō lives out the loss of his bet by watching Hyuse eat his snacks. When Osamu and the others get back to base, Yōtarō goes up to him crying which confuses the three. Later, Osamu thinks about what Kikuchihara told him and then attempts to recruit Jin into Tamakoma Second. Osamu explains the thought process behind his decision, but Jin declines the offer. Jin then tells Osamu about how he failed Replica. He does however, tell Osamu that there is someone more fitted for the fourth spot on Tamakoma Second.

    The episode closes with a meeting with the A-Rank Captains, Jin, Azuma, Kido, Shinoda, and Sawamura regarding a potential invasion.

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