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    Kō Murakami of Suzunari First ((スズ)(ナリ) (ダイ)(イチ)(ムラ)(カミ) (コウ) Suzunari Dai-ichi no Murakami Kō ?) is Episode 42 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    Following the Rank War, Yūma fights Murakami only to lose due to the latter's Side Effect.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Azuma explains Tamakoma Second's strategy on a broad scale. Kuroe wonders how much the strategy had an effect on the match, to which Kodera gives an in depth explanation on how Tamakoma Second pit Arafune Squad and Suwa Squad together by using the environment to their advantage. Kuroe thanks him for his explanation. The next match up is revealed. Tamakoma Second is going up against Rank 9 Suzunari First and Rank 13 Nasu Squad. Azuma points out that all three squads have nearly the exact same formation down to the leader, and that they no longer have a map advantage. He also points out that Suzunari First has the No. 4 Attacker: Kō Murakami.

    Kuroe, Kodera, Yōsuke, and Midorikawa greet Arashiyama Squad as they leave the gallery. Kuroe splits off at some point, but the three boys catch up with Tamakoma Second. Midorikawa and Yūma run off to have a solo rank war. Usami and Chika come out, and the former praises Kodera's easy to understand commentary. Utagawa and Kikuchihara approaches them as well, and when Kikuchihara teases Usami about being a traitor she puts him in a headlock. Yoneya reveals that Usami used to be Kazama Squad's operator. They have some friendly banter and discuss Kazama's thoughts on the match. After brief introductions, Kizaki notifies Usami that he is here to pick them all up. Osamu decides to join Yoneya and Kodera.

    Osamu asks the two Miwa Squad members about Miwa. Yoneya says he is still an A-Rank agent. Kodera explains that Fūjin isn't very flexible, so Miwa will continue with his squad and Fūjin will be kept at Headquarters and used on a tactical basis.

    Kizaki and Usami discuss Osamu's plan. He criticizes Osamu's orders for Chika, and say that it wouldn't work if they do end up on the away mission. Usami tells him about how Chika feels guilty for her brother's disappearance, and continues volunteering for dangerous roles because of the large amount of trion she has so the others are trying to keep her safe. She tells Kizaki to tolerate their actions. Kizaki then takes Chika out for food.

    Yūma continues beating Midorikawa, their current record being 21-9. Arafune stops by, and after being taunted by Midorikawa tells him to get into a booth. A male wearing a green jacket approaches them; this is revealed to be Murakami, the reason Arafune quit being an attacker (or so Kodera says). However, it seems that they are on good terms. Murakami challenges Midorikawa to a match, but the younger declines. Yoneya volunteers, but Murakami says he wants to prepare for Yūma's Grasshopper. Yūma agrees to fight him, despite Arafune's warning. The two do a 10-round rank war, on the condition that there is a 15 minute break in the middle.

    Kizaki tells Chika about his father, and tells Chika that he trained her to survive and to keep that fact in mind. Meanwhile, Jin approaches Kumagai and after being socked in the face tells her that some of her opponents are in the middle of a solo rank war.

    Yūma loses to Murakami 4-6, with the latter taking all five matches in the second half. He explains his side effect to Yūma.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit source]

    Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

    Triggers in order of appearance[edit source]

    Adapted From[edit source]

    Differences Between the Anime and Manga[edit source]

    • In the manga, when Azuma states his opinion on the battle, Shun silently mimics him as he talks, but this is left out in the anime.
    • In the manga, Azuma and Shun look at Kuroe when she asks what's so special about Tamakoma Second's strategy, but this isn't seen in the anime. Also, in the manga, after Kodera explains Tamakoma Second's strategy to her, Azuma adds that he has nothing else to say, as Kodera explained everything, causing everyone in the room to laugh and Kodera to apologize.
    • In the manga, Sakurako announces Tamakoma Second's next match right after announcing the updated ranking, while in the anime, that happened in the previous episode, although the ranking is shown again before the next battle is announced.
    • In the manga, when Yoneya says Usami used to be Kazama Squad's Operator, a scene of chapter 56 is shown, while in the anime she is seen wearing the Operator uniform.
    • In the anime, Utagawa apologizes for Kikuchihara, and Osamu says it's alright, and then Utagawa introduces himself, and then Osamu and Chika introduce themselves too. In the manga, Utagawa introduces himself immediately after apologizing, and Osamu simply says it's alright and then Chika says she's pleased to meet him.
    • In the manga, Shiori's cellphone is black and looks like a Smartphone, but in the anime, her cellphone is instead purple and looks like a folding cellphone.
    • In the manga, when Yūko appears, Jin grabs her butt, which causes her to knock him to the ground with a punch, but in the anime, he offers to buy something for her (which she refuses) and she punches him when he gets too close. In the manga, she then says she'll denounce him if he doesn't stop doing that, and as an "apology" he says he'll give her useful information, telling her about Yūma and Murakami's match, while in the anime he says he'll give her that information despite her punch.

    Errors[edit source]

    • Yōsuke calls Kodera "senpai", despite being a year older than him and has been in Border longer than him.

    Navigation[edit source]

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