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    Nasu Squad's Choice (()()(タイ)(セン)(タク) Nasu-tai no Sentaku ?) is Episode 43 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    Konami and Usami are surprised to learn that Yūma lost a Match against Murakami, and Shiori explains them about Murakami's Side Effect. Nasu Squad, Tamakoma Second and Suzunari First all prepare strategies for their next match, and Kō Murakami remembers the time Arafune became a Sniper. On the match's day, everyone is surprised to see Nasu Squad's stage choice.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Usami explains Murakami's Side Effect, Enhanced Sleep Learning, which allows him to rapidly learn things after sleeping only once after training. Yūma realizes that this was the reason why Murakami requested a break in the middle of their 10 match solo rank war. Because Murakami could take Yūma out during the round, Osamu and Usami decide that using a plan that revolves around Yūma is a bad idea. Osamu, Usami, and Konami talk about the rumors floating around that Murakami was there reason Arafune quit being an Attacker.

    At Suzunari's Headquarters, Kuruma, Kon, and Murakami discuss Yūma and his match against Murakami. Murakami gives the possibility that Yūma wasn't fighting at full power, and says that it will be better to take him out as a team. Just then, Taichi arrives and after some chaos regarding instant noodles, they decide to have their meeting after eating.

    Nasu and Kumagai discuss their strategy for the upcoming match in Nasu's bedroom, with Shiki joining remotely via voice chat. They note that Yūma is Tamakoma Second's ace, and that their strategy will likely revolve around him. They are on a losing streak against Suzunari First, and are surprised to know that Suwa Squad defeated them in Round 1. Shiki runs down the strategy that Suwa Squad used against them, and says that the two squads they will go up against are similar in member roles. They agree to strategize around letting Nasu use the most of her ability, and close the meeting with wondering how Akane will be.

    It's past 2am. Rindō and Yūma talk on the roof of Tamakoma, and the former letting the latter know that Osamu is worried for him. It is revealed that Kinuta and Rindō were the ones to come up with the idea, but Yūma's father came up with the system. Meanwhile, Izumi and Tachikawa are on defense duty. Izumi laments that he missed Azuma's commentary, but Tachikawa has found a way to get his hands on the commentary recordings: through one Taketomi Sakurako. Saturday morning rolls around, and the agents make their way to Headquarters.

    Flashback to 8 months ago, Murakami is crying in one of Suzunari's storage rooms. This is the day Arafune quit being an attacker. He's upset because he believes that he is stealing people's efforts through his Side Effect. Kuruma asks Arafune about it, and he says that Murakami is overthinking it. He had originally planned to switch after reaching Master Class on his Kogetsu, but didn't tell anyone as it would have sounded like an excuse. He tells Kuruma about his plan to become a Perfect All-Rounder, then mass produce them through a general theory. Kuruma has Arafune send a message to his former students in the form of a video, and this seems to bring Murakami's spirit up. In the present, Murakami wakes up. He's ready to fight.

    Tamakoma Second has a last minute squad meeting, and note that Nasu Squad will likely go for mid-ranged battles and that Murakami will be difficult to defeat. They decide to start with a rendezvous. Nasu Squad choose their map and discuss their plan. Everyone is teleported into the map, and to their surprise, it is raining quite hard.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit source]

    Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

    Triggers in order of appearance[edit source]

    Adapted From[edit source]

    Differences Between the Anime and Manga[edit source]

    • The scene where Osamu remembers Replica upon seeing the rice cooker, as well as Rindō's following visit, are anime-exclusive. Rindō is only seen when he goes to the rooftop to talk to Yūma.

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Osamu's mistaking a rice cooker for Replica alludes to the fact that Ashihara designed Replica based on a rice cooker.

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