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    Battle Royal (バトルロイヤル Batoru Roiyaru ?) is Episode 69 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    With Chika voluntarily bailing out soon after Osamu is taken down, Yūma has no other choice but to fend for himself as he is stuck in a Battle Royal.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Osamu bails out, thanks to Azuma's wall sniping, Ayatsuji explains that Azuma did it by compiling data of his squad and terrain data which is something only the team that picked the map could do. Kako explains that it is rare even for Azuma to do it as it is hard to hit someone through a wall let alone get a point, Kazama wonders if Azuma was that worried about osamu.

    Tsuji, and Inukai fall back with the latter shooting at the Azuma Squad attackers, with Koarai being happy they got the first point and Inukai being the opposite. Osamu apologizes to Usami but she shrugs it off saying that he needs to give Yūma and Chika instructions.

    Yūma apologizes to Osamu as he was stuck with Kageura and couldn't step in to save him, but Osamu blames himself as he thinks he should of used Bagworm to hide himself instead of trying to fight them and thinks about all the people who have helped him before the round started.

    Most of Arashiyama Squad feels bad for Osamu with the way he bailed out with Tokieda hoping that it didn't devastate him however Kitora doesn't share the sentiment as she claims that if that's all it took to take down Osamu, he must of been arrogant.

    Izumi feels a little bad but expected Osamu to leave himself wide open, Yuiga arrogantly claims that he also expected it as with the brief lessons he gave, Osamu wouldn't reach his level, Izumi then asks Yuiga if he should give him a few lessons but Yuiga nervously declines.

    Back outside, Inukai and Tsuji are still falling back with Inukai still shooting, Inukai says that Ninomiya gave the order to not chase them too far and they have no reason to still make it an indoor battle. Tsuji mentions that there is bad footing outside so they might get sniped but Inukai says that it would be the same regardless escpecially with Azuma's snow camo bagworm but in this case they know where Azuma is hiding so it is better to go now. Inukai continues with how they will gain nothing if they stay inside so they should go outside to get more options.

    Kazama thinks about how Chika is in the perfect position to score 4 points at once which makes him curious on whether or not she thinks there is a better situation to use the cannon or if it was something else. Osamu thinks about how this is the perfect situation to score but Chika, who is shaking heavily can't take the shot, Inukai then tells Tsuji not to worry about Chika as he heard she can't shoot people, afterwards she takes the shoot which forces the 4 to dodge out of the way with Tsuji using shield to cover both himself and Inukai.

    After the intial shock is over, it was revealed that all 4 combatants successfully dodged out of the way with Osamu being extremely surprised she took the shot. Tsuji questions Inukai as he claimed she couldn't shoot but Inukai responds claiming that she could of taken a random shot using Radar but more importantly she is unguarded. Osamu orders Chika to run by bailing out, she tries but fails as Azuma was within 60 meters of her location so she couldn't bail out per rank war rules.

    Azuma was shown to be surprised as he thought Chika was way farther back but tells his teammates to go after her while Osamu tells Chika to go west so Yūma could cover her and after Chika starts running, Yūma ditches Kageura by using Grasshopper which annoys him.

    Chika, now running away from Inukai has a shield up but Inukai can't break through it due to her high trion count. Yūma then swoops in to try and take down Inukai with Scorpion but Tsuji blocks it with his Kogetsu which earns him a compliment from Inukai, Yūma then launches a grasshopper near Chika's feet which forces her to use it.

    Inukai thinks it was an interesting move and then jumps onto the wall so he can run across it thinking that it was a pointless move. Moments later, Ema uses Ibis to break through his focused shield with Kageura falling from the sky to use Scorpion to finish off Inukai however Inukai questions them claiming that they are too soft on her, but Kageura just tells Inukai to "shut up and die". Ayatsuji then comments on it claiming the point was "beautifully snatched" with Hikari being happy they got the point, afterwards Chika bails out voluntarily to which Ayatsuji also comments on saying Kageura Squad basically saved her.

    Ninomiya walks up behind Ema while summoning an Asteroid Cube, saying he didn't know Ema had a softspot for Tamakoma but Ema claims that he just doesn't like his squad and puts up a shield then jumps down however Ninomiya's Asteroid was strong enough to break through it and damage his leg. Ninomiya asks Hiyami for the map for the building then go support Tsuji as he will go after Ema which makes Kitazoe curious.

    Yūma and Tsuji meet up and seemingly are ready to have a stand-off with Kageura following suit from the other side, however the Azuma Squad Attackers show themselves ontop one of the roof tops, revealing it to be a 4 way battle royal between 5 attackers; Ayatsuji wonders if Azuma Squad will have the advantage with their sniper with how poor their visiblity is while Yūma claims it is "crunch time".

    After a moment of silence, Kageura starts it off with a mantis slash towards Yūma but he dodges it while Koarai attacks Tsuji with him blocking it. After the jumpback, Okudera goes after Yūma however Kageura launches another mantis seperating them but they go jump in another direction, so he uses another mantis slash to seperate Tsuji and Koarai which lets Koarai go after Yūma while Tsuji goes for Kageura.

    Both Kageura and Tsuji clash with neither side overpowering the other with Okudera and Koarai trying to double team Yūma, Ayatsuji comments on the situation and asks if the grasshopper users have an advantage in the snow; Azuma meanwhile switches to Lightning in hopes to get a hit using it's faster speed. Okudera then forces Yūma into the air and Azuma uses that to try and shoot Yūma in the head but fails, however he also had a follow-up shot aimed at his leg which cuts it off.

    Ayatsuji tell says Yūma can't just jump around all the time as Azuma can snipe him while Kako comments saying Azuma is focusing purely on helping his teammates score from the backlines, when normally it is the opposite where the Attackers lure out the opponent and He, himself scores.

    Ayatsuji then asks Kazama what the other 3 attackers should do about Azuma squad, he responds with how they should get out of the situation as Azuma Squad has control but the Azuma Squad Attackers have higher mobility compared to the rest. which causes a problem as if other attackers split up, they can turn it into constant 3v1s so they would either need to break up their formation or get the other squads from behind so in the end they need to disrupt the situation by taking advantage of the numbers especially Yūma as the rest of his team is gone.

    Chika watches Yūma fight whilst in the operator room and thinks about what Yūma said previous and then how if she didn't mess up the shot earlier, Yūma would have less to deal with while Osamu's efforts wouldn't of gone to waste. Kitazoe then asks Ema if he should go to him to help out but Ema says he shouldn't as he, himself can't get away from Ninomiya due to Ninomiya damaging his leg, so he should go help Kageura especially since it is snowy so Ema isn't sure Kageura could win. Ninomiya then busts though a wall and so Ema tells Kitazoe to hurry up as he isn't sure that he could hold Ninomiya back for that long.

    Yūma goes for Okudera with scoprion on his left hand but he blocks it however he then tries to kick Okudera using a scoprion from his right knee but Okudera was able to pull up a shield fast enough thanks to the logs from the last match. Koarai then tries to slice Yūma's head from behind but he summons a scoprion from his head to block it which surprises Koarai, a moment later, Tsuji uses Senkū which slices off Yūma's hand as well as the building behind him.

    Kageura then tries to attack Koarai from behind but Okudera callouts it out and so Koarai uses grasshopper to narrowly escape, he then shows his worry for how he was in Kageura's range while Okudera reminds him to keep his distance. Kageura scofs at how annoying it is to him and after Ayatsuji comments, Izumi explains that you can't be careless around Kageura as his whip like scorpion can suddenly come out and take someone out. Yuiga then says that only cowards use scorpion like that while Izumi disagrees stating that it is an effective way to "get at your opponent" out of the blue.

    Ayatsuji then comments on how, surprising to no one, the grasshopper users are in control due to their higher mobility and how the snow wouldn't bother them however she is curious if Azuma squad was singling out Yūma for being the only non-azuma squad grasshopper user. Yōtarō complains about how everyone is attacking Yūma, but Hyuse explains that since he can also avoid the snow which makes him a pest to Azuma squad, additionally if Azuma Squad do take out Yūma no one else would be able to catch up to Azuma if they can even see or find him with his snow-camo bagworm.

    Ema and Ninomiya are ready to have a "standoff" and Ema expresses his annoyance at being taken down by Ninomiya, Ninomiya whilst being silent, summons an Asteroid Cube and finishes off Ema. Azuma sees a bail out and wonders if it was Ema or Kitzoe, Ayatsuji updates the scores saying that 3 teams are tied thanks to Ninomiya scoring a point.

    Kageura calls out for Kitazoe and he understands claiming that he will fill Ema's spot and fires 3 meteors from his grenade launcher, Azuma however comes out and snipes all 3 of the meteors. Ayatsuji comments on how Azuma used Lightning for it's fast bullet speed to shoot down the meteors, Hyuse comments on the variety of sniper rifles border has and Yōtarō then explains the three sniper triggers: Lightning with a focus on bullet speed, Egret which is the most balanced one, and Ibis which is the most powerful one.

    Azuma then Aims towards Kitazoe and switches to Ibis, Kazama then explains the skills required to be a sniper while Kako says Azuma knows everything about being a sniper, Kitazoe however thinks Azuma was insane for being able to sniper bullets in mid-air even if they were slower.

    Azuma then takes a shot at Kitazoe with Ibis, However Ninomiya saves Kitazoe by using a shield, Ayatsuji questions the decision while Kazama explains that Ninomiya didn't want Azuma to get the point while Kako called him greedy. Ninomiya claims that it is "his point" and summons an Asteroid cube, Kitazoe thought it would end like that and launches more meteors before Ninomiya forces him to bail out.

    3 meteors then hit close to the 4 way battle royal going on which causes a giant smoke screen with Kageura praising him for almost hitting the target. in the smoke screen, Kageura slices up Okudera, Tsuji tries to go for Koarai but Koarai blocks it with Yūma slicing Koarai's head in half as well as slicing off Tsuji's arm, but when trying to go for Tsuji himself, Azuma snipes him.

    Ayatsuji comments on how there were 3 bail outs following Kitazoe's while Kazama explains that: Kageura got Okudera, Yūma got Koarai, and Azuma got Tsuji at the end and Kako agrees with what Kazama said to which Ayatsuji is thankful for. At the end of the match, Kageura and Yūma are ready for another swordsmanship match and after a few moments of silence they run towards each other.

    Characters in Order of Appearance[edit source]

    Triggers in Order of Appearance[edit source]

    Adapted Chapters[edit source]

    Anime and Manga Differences[edit source]

    • The anime added a scene where Yōtarō explains the three different types of sniper triggers to Hyuse.
      • Similarly, Kazama talking about the skills required to be a sniper and Kako claiming that Azuma knows everything about being a sniper were also added to the anime.

    Errors[edit source]

    • When Ninomiya catchs up to Ema, in the anime he is shown wearing bagworm while in the manga, he doesn't wear it.
    • When Ninomiya saves Kitazoe, only one shield is shown when it should be two shields with one being broken.

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