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    Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad (()()(タイ)(アラ)(フネ)(タイ) Suwa-tai to Arafune-tai ?) is Episode 39 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit | edit source]

    Osamu works tirelessly to find a strategy to defeat Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad, but can't find an answer. After a day relaxing around town, Osamu, Yūma and Chika come to a realization.

    Long Summary[edit | edit source]

    Karasawa is shown being in the upper booths, watching Tamakoma Second's debut match. Jin then enters the upper booths, surprised to see Karasawa as Jin thought he never watched Rank War matches, Karasawa says to congratulate Tamakoma Second on their victory and comments on how Osamu wasn't taking part in the fighting. Jin says the press conference put a set back in his recovery to which Karasawa apologizes for it, and Jin asks why he brought Osamu to the conference.

    Karasawa says it was a waste of resources to use Osamu as a scapegoat so it didn't sit right with him and Jin comments that he thinks pretty highly of Osamu to which he agrees. Karasawa continues by saying 26 people left Border after the Second Large-Scale Invasion, but after the press conference 5 times the amount of people applied with multiple companies wanting to sponsor Border. Karasawa notes that the applicants wanted to see what an Away Mission to the Neighborhood looked like to the point that the media is still talking about it. But the reason they know about it, is due to Osamu mentioning it and while people like him can be a pain, some people still value them and he is one of them. Karasawa finishes by saying he shouldn't be too depressed for long as he should be cheering for his juniors as Osamu has a rough road ahead..

    Osamu, Chika and Yūma all stand infront of the Tamakoma Branch Base, mentioning how they were summoned. Osamu is worried that they are going to get chewed out but Yūma says he is thinking too much as they won so there would be no reason to chew them out to which Chika agrees. The trio decide to enter the base however they find no one is there, including Raijinmaru and Director Rindō, This makes them nervous so they open the room that leads to the kitchen. It was then revealed that they were hiding and fired their Party Poppers but the door was so old, it was stuck and when they finally opened the door, the surprise was ruined.

    Tamakoma celebrates their victory before Konami warns them of the middle group and higher group, saying many squads have A-Rank level aces. They move on to talk about Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad, but are interrupted by Kizaki who tells them to go look stuff up themselves. Karasuma says this is harsh on them, but Kizaki replies by saying the fight has already begun.

    Tamakoma Second look through Suwa Squad's data, getting caught up on the pronunciation of Osano. Meanwhile, Suwa Squad is discussing Tamakoma Second. Suwa throws shade at Kizaki, and Tsutsumi brings up the fact that Yūma destroyed Midorikawa in solo rank wars. Sasamori admits to getting 4 wins by pure luck one time, and Suwa assigns him to hold down Yūma while they blow him away.

    Tamakoma Second then takes a look at Arafune Squad. They are surprised to see an all sniper squad. Meanwhile, the three snipers are talking about Chika and comment on her explosive power. Arafune is quick to make a counter for her. Kagami enters, bringing with her Yūma's and Osamu's data from their respective fights with Midorikawa. Arafune says he will burn all of their habits into his head.

    Tamakoma Second discusses their strategy against Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad, and they ask Usami run a simulation with the two squads, which turns out to be completely unhelpful. However, Usami reveals that they can choose the map this time. Osamu gets absorbed in trying to get a good strategy and stays at branch headquarters so late that Konami drags him out. He then stays up late at his home until his mom threatens to force him to sleep.

    Osamu hits a wall, so Kizaki forces the three of them out to get fresh air. They ride their bikes around town, with Chika commenting that Yūma can actually ride a bike now. They run into Karasuma, who ends up giving them sushi from his part time job. After looking up at a terraced neighborhood, Osamu is finally hit with an idea.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit | edit source]

    Triggers in order of appearance[edit | edit source]

    Adapted Chapters[edit | edit source]

    Differences Between the Anime and Manga[edit | edit source]

    • In the Anime, an extra scene is added where Osamu, Chika and Yūma were summoned to the Tamakoma Branch but couldn't find anyone until they reach the room where everyone celebrates their victory.
    • After Reiji says Osamu and co should do research themselves, the Anime added extra scenes of Suwa and Arafune Squad's profiles including where they at during the Second Large-Scale Invasion.
    • When Osamu asks if Usami could run a simulation of Suwa and Arafune Squad and she shows off a Yashamaru Series based simulation but has the members of Suwa squad and Arafune with his teammates, Hokari and Hanzaki as Bados.
    • The Anime adds a scene where the trio check out a forst stage and Usami mentions that they can change the time of day as well as weather when in the Manga it was mentioned later.
    • The Anime shows Osamu trying to think of which map to pick which leads to Chika, Yūma, and Osamu himself to travel around the city, none of which happened in the Manga

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