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    The Terror of Hyrein (ハイレイン の (キョウ)() Hyrein no Kyōfu ?) is Episode 33 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit | edit source]

    Karasuma attacks Hyrein in hopes that he can stall him until Osamu can reach the base, but he is defeated by Hyrein and Mira's conjunction tactics. Hyrein goes on to attack Osamu, who is now in an inescapable predicament. However, Miwa shows up to battle Hyrein himself.

    Long Summary[edit | edit source]

    The episode begins with Karasuma activating Geist's Blade Shift to battle Hyrein. He requests Yōsuke to collect the cubified trainees and take them to Border's HQ, but Yōsuke says he wants to stay there, in order to have a chance to battle "Mr. Black Trigger". Smiling, Karasuma requests Yōsuke to stay around for 3 minutes.

    A flashback then begins, of Karasuma talking to Jin besides a vending machine on a rainy day. He says he wasn't sure at first, but Osamu is doing better as a Shooter. He asks Jin if he gave Osamu any advice, but Jin says Osamu made a good choice. After a brief silence, Karasuma asks Jin if he doesn't have good advice for him, as he can see the future. Jin asks if it's about the upcoming invasion, then says he doesn't have any advice, as the future has infinite possibilities, to which Karasuma replies he's saying nonsense things again. He then mentions that Jin ate ramen with Reiji, saying most of the time they go out to eat is to discuss something secret. Jin dismisses that by saying everyone goes out to eat ramen. Karasuma then says Konami said Jin's favorite thing to do is to "pull the strings", to which Jin asks why does she have such an image of him. He then says apparently a dangerous enemy is coming, so he requested Reiji to liberate Karasuma and Konami, as they didn't want them to die. He then says that at some point during the invasion, Osamu and Chika will be in a pinch, in the risk of death, but Karasuma won't be able to help them. Before that moment, he'll be defeated by someone. He then adds that a lot of people will be saved due to that, and that he's not joking when he says the future has multiple possibilities. He says that sometimes a ripple caused by someone reaches another ripple, and eventually becomes a giant wave that changes fate, also saying that he can't foresee all possible futures. He says that everyone's actions always change the future, that is the only thing he is sure of. He then requests Karasuma to stay alive, and to do everything he can until he's defeated. Jin then asks Karsuma if he's down, saying it's not cool to ask for predictions, but Karsuma simply disagrees.

    Back to the present, Karasuma says he's thankful for hearing that, so he's avoiding giving his all, saying he'll stop the enemy in the three minutes he has. He tries attacking Hyrein, but he dodges, and sends his fishes after him, but Karasuma keeps dodging them. Hyrein notes that Karasuma is quick, and that Alektor's projectiles can't hit him. Hyrein says that Karasuma destabilized his Trion Body, which lets his trion flow to his arm and legs. Hyrein then notes that Karasuma's Trigger is similar to Aftokrator's technology, but as Karasuma doesn't have the horns to keep it stable, his Trion body is leaking unstable Trion, and even if he doesn't do anything, Karasuma will end up losing. Yōsuke then starts throwing debris at Hyrein, having noticed his Trigger only blocks Trion-based attacks. Karasuma then appears behind Hyrein, to give him the finishing move, but instead, his blade ends up being cut. Hyrein then reveals that he hid bees under his cape, and sends them after Karasuma, but Karasuma jumps back. Hyrein notices he's not as aggressive as he originally thought, while Karasuma thinks that Osamu and Chika must be almost at the HQ. Mira then opens a portal near Hyrein to inform him that she "the golden goose" is arriving soon. Karasuma is surprised that they know where Osamu is, and Yōsuke is too, as he thought she was fighting the Snipers. Hyrein then announces that he's going after her, and tells Karasuma not to feel bad, as he only wanted to keep him busy, revealing that he knew of Karasuma's objective, and Karasuma realizes that he wanted to keep them away from Osamu too, and Jin's words resonate in his mind. He realizes he still has time, and activates Geist's Speed Shift, and prepares to use Meteor to attack Hyrein, but he uses a portal created by Mira to attack him from behind. Hyrein then says he recognizes Karasuma's ability for forcing them to use this resort, saying that he's skilled and creative. Hyrein then adds that Karasuma has good fighting capacity, but the result was already decided. Karasuma is then bailed out due to his Trion body's condition.

    Far from there, Replica announces to Osamu that Karasuma used Bail Out, and says that there is the next obstacle, referring to Hyrein and Mira. He then tells Osamu they have to get through them. Back at Tamakoma Branch, Karasuma gets angry as he couldn't change the future Jin predicted, and orders Usami to send Osamu the information about the Black Trigger user he just fought with to Osamu and the others, with the other operators and Jin receiving the information. Jin then notes that Karasuma must've done something, then Karasuma contacts him, saying he couldn't do anything, but Jin says the future changed again. He says the ripple Karasuma caused might not have reached the enemy, but this ripple is still in effect. He then congratulates Karasuma for his good job, and Karasuma thanks him. Back at where Replica and Osamu are, Replica decides to rehearse the facts. He says that the HQ is 120 meters away from them, and that if it's closed, he'll have to open it. Osamu asks how long it'll take, and says that the base is apparently made of Trion, and that if the structure is like those in the Neighborhood, it'll be easy, but he might take more time if it uses earthly technology, as the technology here is complex to him. Replica then sends a clone ahead, saying it can analyse it. As they starts moving, Hyrein sends his projectiles after them, but Replica activates a Shield Seal. Replica then says that according to Karasuma, these projectiles only affect Trion. Osamu then says they should move near buildings, but Replica says it'll take longer and starts destroying walls of buildings in the way, saying they can go from building to building. He then tells Osamu to be careful not to get stuck in any room. Hyrein then notes they're acting unhesitantly, and that maybe someone told them how his trigger works, saying that's what he dislikes in Meeden's soldiers, saying that if it takes too long there will be no point in isolating them.

    Hyrein then tells Mira to leave the rooftops with the Rabbits and to go down to help him. She says the Meeden soldiers will get through, asking if it's alright, but Hyrein says that it won't take long, and Mira obliges, going through a portal. The Rabbit then attacks HQ's wall, while Kodera notices that it's moving again and Narasaka notices that the humanoid Neighbor has left, while Fuyushima tells them to stay alert for a surprise attack, Tsukimi announces that Kazama and Suwa Squads are coming soon, and Tōma aims at the rabbit, saying they'll finish this in 3 minutes. Meanwhile, Osamu and Replica have reached another house, and Replica says they are 6 houses away from the HQ. Osamu notices it's all too quiet, asking if Hyrein won't come after them. Osamu opens a door, and in the same room, Mira opens a portal through which Hyrein sends fishes to ambush Osamu, who says, of course, he will. Osamu then closes the door, saying they should go through another room, and says they should go through another room, but a part of his leg is transformed into a cube. He then realizes there are jellyfishes in the ground, questioning if they're projectiles too. He tries walking, but he is unable to due to his crippled leg. Replica says they should leave the house, and opens a hole in the wall, and Osamu jumps out of the house. Replica then tells Osamu to get up, and that the entrance analysis will be finished soon, but Mira destroys his clone, asking what he's doing. Replica then tells Osamu that Mira is here, and that according to the information she can create portals, and that she's watching over the entrance. Replica then says they have three options: FOrcibly getting through the portal woman to get to the base, finding another entrance, or running and waiting for Jin or Yūma to get to them, as they have no chance of winning this battle. Osamu is anxious, thinking that they're almost there. Then, suddenly, Miwa appears, and Hyrein notices there's another soldier there, having though that he had lured all other soldiers away with their actions.

    Osamu notices him, and Ren then tells Miwa that Yōsuke is coming with the C-Rank agents, and that he has to protect them from the humanoid Neighbors. Miwa then gets angry with Jin for using him, saying he won't do what Jin asks, and that he doesn't care whether Osamu lives or dies. But Osamu requests Miwa to take Chika's cube to the HQ so he can fight the humanoid Neighbor and keep him busy. Miwa's memories of his sister's death echo in his mind and he kicks Osamu away, saying he doesn't care and that he doesn't depend on others. Hyrein questions Miwa's actions, as he and Osamu are supposed to be allies. Osamu questions if Miwa can battle Hyrein, and Replica says Hyrein's projectiles are similar to Border's shields, so they won't block Miwa's lead bullets as they cause no damage. Miwa shoots some projectiles at Hyrein, who starts feeling heavier. Hyrein then sends his fishes after Miwa, but he jumps up and creates a wall of small shields to protect himself. Hyrein notices that he's good at reacting, and Miwa manages to cut his cape, with Osamu surprised that Shield can be used in such away. Replica says that he's dividing it in a matter similra to Asteroid. Osamu then has a flashback, where he asks Karasuma about the projectiles Miwa uses, and if he can use them too. Karasuma says he can if he sets his Trigger, but that although the Lead Bullet is powerful, one must be very close to hit as it less range and speed than a normal bullet. He says that unless you have the agility of an Attacker, and the capacity to shoot moving targets, one will never be able to hit a shot no matter how much they try, and that the Lead Bullet is a Trigger used by experts. Back to the present, Miwa manages to drive off Hyrein, and to cut his cape again.

    Characters in order of appearance[edit | edit source]

    Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

    Triggers in order of appearance[edit | edit source]

    Adapted Chapters[edit | edit source]

    Differences Between the Anime and Manga[edit | edit source]

    • When Karasuma and Jin are talking to each other, In the Anime Karasuma talks to Jin about Osamu while in the Manga he is not mentioned at all.
      • Additionally, a clip is added where Jin says a "ripple" could affect other "ripples" before continuing where the Manga left off, this was later mentioned later in the episode.
      • Also additionally, the scene where Reiji is eating with Jin is excluded from the Flashback in the Anime.

    Debatable Canon[edit | edit source]

    • In the Anime, Karasuma uses Meteor on his main side, whether or not this is possible depends on if he removed shield from that side, as if he didn't then it would be an error.

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