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    A Reversed Future ((ハン)(テン)する ()(ライ) Hantensuru Mirai ?) is Episode 63 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    After Lilith has been absorbed inside Giev's body, Charon sees it as a failed attempt to capture her and tries to hack Giev's mind in order to force him to self destruct. Meanwhile, Xeno reluctantly asks Tamakoma Second to help him rescue Lilith.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    The battle continues within the amusement park. Charon laments that the plan to take Lilith was flawed. Tamakoma First and others are working to hold the trion soldiers outside the amusement park back. Usami tells them that backup is coming. Xeno loses faith and in Tamakoma Second and moves to save Lilith by himself.

    Charon tells Giev to self destruct, for real this time. Xeno fights against the abomination, and Tamakoma Second tries to help Xeno but is stopped by Xeno’s soldiers. Xeno struggles against Giev, and Charon tells Giev to take out the entire city. Lilith comes to her senses and cuts into the comms to warn Tamakoma Second and Xeno about Charon’s plan for suicide, and tells Xeno that she might be able to hold back Giev’s explosion. Charon shocks her, and Xeno continues trying to get to her before he is knocked out of the sky. Lilith tells them to leave the area before they explode.

    Osamu and Yūma send the girls away from the amusement park, and the two and Xeno make a plan to attack Giev and take Charon out.

    Outside, things are looking rough but Jin arrives with reinforcements to help take the trion soldiers out. Inside, Osamu and Yūma climb up Giev and continue forth with their plan. Charon knocks Giev out, and the barrier comes down. Yūma slices Charon in half, and just when it seems that the trion soldier will be fine, Giev absorbs him. Osamu uses Chika’s trion and frees Lilith.

    Giev still explodes, but the blast is countered by the shields of the present agents. The mission is a success, and Shizuka City is saved. Xeno and Lilith leave Earth.

    Characters in Order of Appearance[edit source]

    Triggers in Order of Appearance[edit source]

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