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    The Battle in the Foul Weather ((アク)(テン)(コウ)(セン)(トウ) Akutenkō no Sentō ?) is Episode 44 of the World Trigger Anime.

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    Short Summary[edit source]

    The match begins, with Tamakoma and Suzunari taken by surprise by Nasu Squad's map choice.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    Getting to the map, the members of Tamakoma and Suzunari are surprised to see heavy rain and flooding in the city. Mikami announces that the transfer is complete, and all agents are on the field. The map is riverside A, with the weather set to "rain storm". Tachikawa is impressed, that'll make it hard to cross the river as falling into it is dangerous. Jin notes that weather and time period are included in the map options, but he never saw such an extreme configuration. He says it's visible how serious Nasu Squad is about the match. Mikami then says that all units were separated by the river, so it seems the main objective of the teams right now is to reunite. Nasu takes the lead with their advantage of choosing the storm. Nasu then orders her teammates to start the operator, to which they comply.

    Jin, Tachikawa, and Mikami comment on the Rank War between Tamakoma Second, Suzunari First, and Nasu Squad. Tachikawa notes that they most likely chose the battleground they did so that visibility would be difficult for sniper activity. Kuruma and Taichi converse and Kuruma have Taichi wait at the riverside in case Yūma tried to cross, in which case, he could shoot at him. Osamu analyzes the situation and determines that the worst-case scenario for his team is if Murakami and Yūma were stranded on the opposite side while Nasu Squad was fully gathered on his.

    Akane Hiura was upset over the fact that she was going to move after the Aftokrator Invasion because her parents wanted to be in a safer city. As such, Nasu Squad declared that they were going to pass #8 before the moving date.
    Flashback End

    Nasu encounters Osamu, while Kumagai encounters Murakami. Chika fires at the bridge, destroying it before Nasu Squad could. With this change, Nasu prepares to take out everyone on her side, while Kumagai prepared to battle Murakami.

    Suzunari First loses a huge advantage due to Chika blowing up the bridge, so Murakami decides to take down everyone on his side. He clashes with Kumagai. Commenting on the battle, Jin notes that ability was being tested in this battle, unlike the other battle, where the strategy was tested. Yūma joins the fray, trying to get Murakami into the river, though he fails. Hiura prepares to shoot one of them.

    Meanwhile, Nasu attacks Osamu. Using the Viper, she nullifies Osamu's ability to hide since she could make the bullets change the trajectory. Taichi shoots at her, but misses. Shiki sends a 3D map to her, so she can attack Taichi, who is about to get hit, when Kuruma saves him. Tachikawa notes that Nasu is so skilled with Viper that unlike most people she programs all of her trajectories every time she uses Viper instead of using Pre-set ones, he also notes that she and Izumi are the only people who can do that. He adds that Nasu Squad had the advantage since the Attackers were on one side, and the Snipers' abilities were neutralized by the storm, making it a battle of Gunners. Osamu orders Chika to remain hidden and shoot only if necessary, and for Yūma to continue fighting. Osamu declares that he would get points.

    Konami watches the match from the base and wonders out loud whether it was a bad idea to destroy the bridge. Karasuma argues that they have lowered the Nasu Squad's advantage by this. Konami brings up the point that Yūma is their only key to victory. Rindō asks Hyuse what he thinks, to which he responds that it was simply a battle where the weak would lose.

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