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    Xeno's Trion Soldiers (ゼノのトリオン(ヘイ) Zeno no Torion Hei ?) is Episode 51 of the World Trigger Anime.

    Short Summary[edit source]

    Osamu fights with Xeno's Trion Soldier in order to gain his trust, but is attacked by Giev.

    Long Summary[edit source]

    The new trion soldiers appear outside Goto City. Kazama Squad arrives at the scene and efficiently defeats them.

    Osamu, Yūma, Chika, and the Ergates duo trek up to the abandoned theme park. Lilith tells the trio that they will camp out there, because Xeno doesn't want to cause trouble. Xeno questions why Osamu is so nice despite Chika still being a hostage, but Yūma just replies that Osamu has essentially gone mama bear mode. Xeno sneezes, and the five of them migrate into the haunted house. Xeno questions the existence of haunted houses.

    Xeno says that he has to protect Lilith, but won't tell them why. Yūma and Osamu are adamant on getting Xeno to trust them so they can get the trion soldier off of Chika. Chika is fine with their current situation, and Lilith apologizes for their actions again.

    Osamu starts making takoyaki, and explains through a flashback that Usami made him bring them so they could have a “takoyaki party”. Xeno is suspicious, but Lilith eats the takoyaki and after reassurance from Yūma that it isn't poisoned as well as his own stomach calling for food, he partakes.

    Xeno gets curious and starts poking around with the takoyaki machine. Osamu asks what Xeno was doing in Ergates, and after some convincing, Lilith tells them that he makes trion soldiers. It seems that Xeno was outcast due to his humanity towards trion soldiers, but Lilith admits that she likes that aspect of him. Xeno reveals that technology relating to trion soldiers is confidential in Ergates. After that, he stops giving them information and challenges Osamu to a fight if he wants to learn more. Osamu accepts.

    Charon and Giev are once again watching, and Giev decides to make his move. Osamu orders Chika and Lilith to hide, and the remaining three take up Giev’s trion soldiers. They soon discover that the trion soldiers multiply after every hit they endure. Yūma and Osamu try to leave it to Xeno, but are cut off in their escape. Xeno finally lets up, and at Lilith’s request he releases Chika and they defeat the trion soldiers. Charon notes that it is interesting that they are fighting together.

    Kitora and Midorikawa spy on them from atop a building and while Midorikawa wants to capture Xeno and Lilith, Kitora says they should stick to Kido’s orders.

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    Fugitive Arc
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