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    World Trigger's Zodiac signs

    The world of World Trigger has its own Zodiac system different from the real world. It is comprised of 12 different constellations, each representing a certain part of the year.

    The Signs[edit source]

    Falco[edit source]

    Falco (はやぶさ (), Hayabusa-za Lit. The Falcon ?)

    March 21 - April 19

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    April 5 Sakurako Taketomi Ebina Squad
    April 9 Yūichi Jin Tamakoma Branch
    April 10 Itsuki Fujisawa Chano Squad
    Hayato Uno Kusakabe Squad
    April 12 Mitsuru Tokieda Arashiyama Squad
    Izuho Natsume Headquarters
    April 14 Yūko Kumagai Nasu Squad
    April 15 Hiro Kitazoe Kageura Squad
    Asumi Amakura Katagiri Squad
    April 16 Rokurō Wakamura Katori Squad
    April 19 Ryūji Saeki Kusakabe Squad

    Felis[edit source]

    Felis (ねこ (), Neko-za Lit. The Cat ?)

    April 20 - May 20

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    April 24 Noboru Koarai Azuma Squad
    April 26 Madoka Ui Kakizaki Squad
    April 27 Shiori Usami Tamakoma Branch
    April 29 Tatsuhito Ikoma Ikoma Squad
    April 30 Takuma Yuba Yuba Squad
    May 1 Megumi Tokura Chano Squad
    Sumiharu Inukai Ninomiya Squad
    May 4 Haruka Ayatsuji Arashiyama Squad
    May 9 Kyōsuke Karasuma Tamakoma Branch
    May 15 Tōichirō Momozono Katagiri Squad
    May 17 Katsumi Karasawa Headquarters
    May 20 Tsuneyuki Okudera Azuma Squad

    Lepus[edit source]

    Lepus (うさぎ (), Usagi-za Lit. The Hare ?)

    May 21 - June 21

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    May 25 Osamu Mikumo Tamakoma Branch
    May 29 Yutaka Kashio Ōji Squad
    June 2 Eizō Netsuki Headquarters
    June 4 Masato Kageura Kageura Squad
    June 10 Ryō Utagawa Kazama Squad
    June 12 Hyuse Tamakoma Branch
    June 15 Kō Murakami Suzunari Branch
    Atsushi Hokari Arafune Squad
    June 16 Rei Nasu Nasu Squad

    Gladius[edit source]

    Gladius (つるぎ (), Tsurugi-za Lit. The Sword ?)

    June 22 - July 22

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    June 26 Ai Kitora Arashiyama Squad
    June 29 Takaaki Katagiri Katagiri Squad
    June 30 Takeru Yuiga Tachikawa Squad
    July 1 Ken Satori Arashiyama Squad
    July 2 Reiji Kizaki Tamakoma Branch
    July 3 Rui Osano Suwa Squad
    July 5 Yukimaru Ichijō Katagiri Squad
    July 7 Isami Tōma Fuyushima Squad
    Akane Hiura Nasu Squad
    July 14 Motokichi Kinuta Headquarters
    Maori Hosoi Ikoma Squad
    July 18 Yūma Kuga Tamakoma Branch
    Hana Somei Katori Squad
    July 21 Fumika Teruya Kakizaki Squad
    July 22 Kyōko Sawamura Headquarters

    Aptenodytes[edit source]

    Aptenodytes (ぺんぎん (), Pengin-za Lit. The Penguin ?)

    July 23 - August 22

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    July 25 Ren Tsukimi Miwa Squad
    July 27 Hikari Nire Kageura Squad
    July 28 Kirie Konami Tamakoma Branch
    July 29 Jun Arashiyama Arashiyama Squad
    August 1 Kōtarō Suwa Suwa Squad
    August 9 Sayoko Shiki Nasu Squad
    August 14 Haya Kittaka Ōji Squad
    August 16 Shinnosuke Tsuji Ninomiya Squad
    August 22 Kazuma Satomi Kusakabe Squad

    Lupus[edit source]

    Lupus (おおかみ (), Ōkami-za Lit. The Wolf ?)

    August 23 - September 22

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    August 28 Mako Hitomi Azuma Squad
    August 29 Kei Tachikawa Tachikawa Squad
    September 1 Masamune Kido Headquarters
    Yuka Kon Suzunari Branch
    September 3 Kazuki Kurauchi Ōji Squad
    Yūta Miura Katori Squad
    September 9 Tetsuji Arafune Arafune Squad
    September 14 Tōru Narasaka Miwa Squad
    September 19 Rin Kagami Arafune Squad
    September 21 Kōhei Izumi Tachikawa Squad
    September 22 Yōtarō Rindō Tamakoma Branch

    Luna Falcata[edit source]

    Luna Falcata (みかづき (), Mikazuki-za Lit. The Crescent Moon ?)

    September 23 - October 23

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    September 24 Sōya Kazama Kazama Squad
    September 30 Kōji Oki Ikoma Squad
    October 2 Shūji Miwa Miwa Squad
    October 11 Daichi Tsutsumi Suwa Squad
    October 16 Masafumi Shinoda Headquarters
    October 18 Yōko Katori Katori Squad
    October 20 Shun Midorikawa Kusakabe Squad

    Chronos[edit source]

    Chronos (とけい (), Tokei-za Lit. The Clock ?)

    October 24 - November 22

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    October 24 Nono Fujimaru Yuba Squad
    October 27 Masataka Ninomiya Ninomiya Squad
    October 30 Makoto Chano Chano Squad
    November 2 Takumi Rindō Tamakoma Branch
    November 5 Raizō Terashima Headquarters
    November 7 Kai Minamisawa Ikoma Squad
    November 10 Shōhei Kodera Miwa Squad
    Rika Rokuta Urushima Squad
    November 21 Kazuto Tonooka Yuba Squad

    Cetacea[edit source]

    Cetacea (くじら (), Kujira-za Lit. The Whale ?)

    November 23 - December 21

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    November 25 Kuniharu Kakizaki Kakizaki Squad
    November 27 Taichi Betsuyaku Suzunari Branch
    November 29 Yōsuke Yoneya Miwa Squad
    November 30 Futaba Kuroe Kako Squad
    December 2 Kotarō Tomoe Kakizaki Squad
    December 3 Tsukihiko Amō Headquarters
    December 5 Satoshi Mizukami Ikoma Squad
    December 9 Yuzuru Ema Kageura Squad
    December 14 Shirō Kikuchihara Kazama Squad

    Clavis[edit source]

    Clavis (かぎ (), Kagi-za Lit. The Key ?)

    December 22 - January 19

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    December 25 Nozomi Kako Kako Squad
    December 28 Wataru Urushima Urushima Squad
    January 3 Shinji Fuyushima Fuyushima Squad
    Haruaki Azuma Azuma Squad
    January 10 An Kobayakawa Kako Squad
    January 11 Kazuaki Ōji Ōji Squad
    January 14 Mirai Hatohara *Ninomiya Squad
    January 18 Hisato Sasamori Suwa Squad


    Amphibious[edit source]

    Amphibious (かえる (), Kaeru-za Lit. The Frog ?)

    January 20 - February 18

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    January 25 Aki Hiyami Ninomiya Squad
    February 2 Yuu Kunichika Tachikawa Squad
    February 4 Yukari Obishima Yuba Squad
    February 9 Saki Kusakabe Kusakabe Squad
    February 10 Yoshito Hanzaki Arafune Squad
    February 11 Chika Amatori Tamakoma Branch
    February 18 Tatsuya Kuruma Suzunari Branch

    Apis[edit source]

    Apis (みつばち (), Mitsubachi-za Lit. The Honeybee ?)

    February 19 - March 20

    Birthday Character Affiliation
    February 23 Kaho Mikami Kazama Squad
    February 28 Mai Kitagawa Kako Squad
    March 1 Risa Maki Fuyushima Squad
    March 3 Karin Yuitsuka Katagiri Squad

    Trivia[edit source]

    • It is the same system used in the author's previous work Super Dog Rilienthal.
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