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    A Trion Soldier (トリオン(へい), Torion Hei ?)[1] is a drone made out of and running on trion. Some are sent to the human world by Neighbors to scout, salvage trion glands, and capture humans with high trion capacity.

    Concerning their aims, various Trion Soldiers exist, such as those that specialize in bombing, battle, or capture. Depending on the circumstances in the Neighbor countries, the nature of the dispatched Trion Soldiers also varies. The likes of Rads used in order to open gates anywhere displayed Border's Defense Readiness capabilities. Bamsters, Banders, and Rabbits are Trion Soldiers created specifically to capture people alive. There also exist Trion Soldiers made for attack, which either specialize in mass-destruction or combat.

    Trion Soldiers with designated roles tend to fulfill their functions better at a given cost.[2] Additionally Trion Soldiers with a lot of abilities end up costing more[2], so for when deploying large groups, generally the trion soldiers will have less abilities and will focus on teamwork.[2]

    Trion Soldiers are known to have different brain parts[3]: There are solo types, and team-tactics types.[3] Team-Tactics types have the ability to link up in groups of four or five.[3] with solo types there are standard solo types (Marmods[3]) as well as high-performance types (Rabbits[3])

    Known Models[edit source]

    Bamster[edit source]

    Main Article: Bamster
    Bamster (バムスター, Bamusutā ?), also known as the "Colossal Neighbor", is a Trion Soldier made for capturing. They are specifically created for trion organ extraction, killing the captured individual in the process. This is the Trion Soldier that comes into the civilians of Mikado City's minds when they hear the word "Neighbor". They are 2-3 stories tall, and have tough skin, but are not very strong overall.[4]

    Replica[edit source]

    Main Article: Replica
    Replica is a multitask Trion Soldier and Yūma Kuga's, guardian. Replica was built by Yūgo Kuga and is reportedly from the neighborhood Tropoi. Unlike other Trion Soldiers, Replica is not aggressive and is quite intelligent, being able to supply Yūma and Border with information when necessary. He is also shown to be capable to open gates, scan and copy/create Triggers Trion Soldiers, and use Yūma's Black Trigger.

    Marmod[edit source]

    Main Article: Marmod
    The Marmod (モールモッド, Mōrumoddo ?,  lit. Guinea pig) are Trion Soldiers made for battle. Among the Trion Soldiers, the blade the Marmods possess is of the hardest material. It uses its blades like swords to slice and stab opponents.

    Ilgar[edit source]

    Main Article: Ilgar
    Ilgar (イルガー, Irugā ?) is a flying fish-like Trion Soldier with an elongated body specialized in bombarding. It's heavily armored, being able to withstand multiple attacks from Ai Kitora's A-rank Trigger.

    • Bombs: Ilgars can release bombs from its underbelly. They were used to bomb Mikado City.
    • Self-Destruct Mode (()(ばく) モード, Jibaku Mōdo ?) If an Ilgar has sustained much damage, it uses all it remaining power on a suicide bombing. Protrusions appear on its back as it's charging. Its armor also increases when on self destruct mode.

    Rad[edit source]

    Main Article: Rad
    The Rad (ラッド, Raddo ?) is a small Trion Soldier specializing in reconnaissance and spying, its very similar to a remodeling machine that installs gate-outbreak devices. They usually hide inside another Soldier, and after it is destroyed, the Rad conceals itself underground. When there are no more people in its surroundings, it starts to move around in places with lots of people in the vicinity and it enters the gate starting-setup mode. To open the gate it gathers trion little-by-little from the people who walk close to it. They are usually found in large numbers nearing the thousands.

    Bander[edit source]

    Main Article: Bander
    The Bander (バンダー, Bandā ?) is a middle-class Trion Soldier who specializes in the capture of targets with high trion potential. Banders are also Trion Soldiers specializing in bombarding, it aims with its sight and immediately after it bombards.

    • Bombarding Beam: Once Banders are locked on to a target, they charge their large eye with trion energy, and then fire a powerful beam at their target.

    Bado[edit source]

    Main Article: Bado
    The Bado (バド ?) is a Trion Soldier first seen during the start of the Large Scale invasion with all the other invading trion soldiers. Its body resembles a tadpole shrimp, with propellers sticking out from its sides. It was also added to volume 5 later on in a reprint during Yūma's training session.[citation needed] Its name was revealed in the app game Smash Borders. So far it has only been seen capturing people or as surveillance during the Large Scale Invasion.

    Rabbit[edit source]

    Main Article: Rabbit
    The Rabbit (ラービット, Rabitto ?,  Viz: Rabit) is a new Trion Soldier Model, developed in Aftokrator. Its purpose is to capture trigger users. It was able to easily battle multiple B-rank Units, and even a lone A-rank agent couldn't defeat it, according to Replica. However, Kitora was able to defeat one, albeit with difficulty and sacrificing one of her own legs, and Konami was able to one-shot two Rabbits with her special personal trigger, Sōgetsu. The colored models have abilities similar to those of Aftokrator Triggers. For all models, its eye is the weak spot, as damaging it enough will destroy the creature.

    Rhodokhroun Trion Soldiers[edit source]

    During their invasion of earth, Rhodokhroun were unable to send out Trigger Users but, they send out 200 Dogs and 95 Idras instead.[5]

    Dog[edit source]

    Main Article: Dog

    Dog (ドグ, Dogu ?) is Rhodokhroun's Trion Soldier. It specializes in surveillance and packs combat. It has three different models that resemble a dog.

    Idra[edit source]

    Main Article: Idra
    Idra (アイドラ, Aidora ?) is Rhodokhroun's humanoid Trion Soldier. It has shielding abilities and specializes in group combat. It also can be remotely controlled by a Trion User.

    Anime Exclusive Models[edit source]

    Ergates Trion Soldiers[edit source]

    Neighbors from Ergates use a special gauntlet-like Trigger to summon Trion Soldiers by placing bullet shell-like devices on them, as demonstrated by Xeno and Giev. Most shown have been named, but there are four that have appeared that are unnamed.

    Arugda[edit source]

    Arugda (アルブダ, Arubuda ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier with the ability to extract someone's trion without physically harming the target.[6] It also has the ability to shoot beams at its target. It comes in various sizes.

    Pneura[edit source]

    Pneura (フネウラ, Funeura ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier that has cloaking and shielding abilities, similar to Border's Chameleon and Shield triggers. Its shape is similar to an octopus.[6]

    Spilco[edit source]

    Spilco (スピルコ, Supiruko ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier. It resembles a scorpion and it is a self-running time bomb that can attach anything. They are controlled by their own Trion Users, as demonstrated when Xeno uses it to take Chika hostage.[6]

    Guries[edit source]

    Guries (ユリィ, Yurī ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier that specializes in surveillance and scouting. They resemble small worms.

    Melissa[edit source]

    Melissa (メリッサ, Merissa ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier that was created by Xeno which can create drones to attack its opponents using delayed pursuit system. It also has the ability to float off the ground.

    Nabis[edit source]

    Nabis (ナービス, Nābisu ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier with a squid-like appearance.

    Pergrande[edit source]

    Pergrande (ペルランデ, Perurande ?) is an anime-exclusive giant Trion Soldier created by Giev. It specializes in bombing with estimated blast radius of 67 times bigger than Ilgar. It also has the ability to shoot multiple beams at its target.

    Raffilena[edit source]

    Raffilena (ラフェレダ, Rafereda ?) is an anime-exclusive flying Trion Soldier that can carry Arugda and drop them into the battlefield.

    Scare[edit source]

    Scare (スケア, Sukea ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier. It has the ability to shoot using trion bullets, similar to a Shooter.

    It has also shown the ability to extend its limbs to hit enemies that are farther away. It has also been shown that it will slice its own allies in attempt to hit said enemy.[7]

    Main Article: Black Trigger Model

    • Black Trigger Form: When summoned using a Black Trigger, it changes its color to black. Its' strength and speed also increases.
    • this is also the only form that has been shown so it may be exclusive to the black trigger model

    Aleggie[edit source]

    Aleggie (アレギー, Aregī ?) is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier. It has the ability to change its color and texture, blending itself to its surrounding.

    Unnamed Mitama Trion Soldier[edit source]

    This unnamed anime-exclusive looks like a Mitama when moving. It is very agile and doesn't take damage unless it is hit in the "eye", when the eye doesn't get hit it multiplies like the Hydra.

    Unnamed Spider Trion Soldier[edit source]

    This unnamed anime-exclusive 'spider' trion soldier has one main ability: web making.[7][8] These webs can be used to trap people to then absorb their trion. Afterwards, the trion can be used to regenerate, as they act like cables. However, the trion soldier must be on the web for it to work.[8]

    It has also shown the ability to make many smaller versions of itself which can also use the webs.[8]

    When it fought Yoneya it has shown attack speeds comparable to Marmods.[8]

    Unnamed Water Based Trion Soldier[edit source]

    This anime-exclusive unnamed water-based trion soldier's main ability is its ability to shapeshift using water as a basis, as well as use a Scorpion-like blade. From what we have seen the trion soldier can not replicate faces, skin tone or anything similar. However, it can take on a humanoid shape, albeit taller than average; as the shorter body is as tall as Osamu, while the taller form is a head taller than him.[9]

    Due to the fact it is water, it can move around its core to avoid being destroyed, or follow the flow of pre-existing water to escape. However, if the water is sealed off it will be trapped.[9]

    Unnamed Giant Trion Soldier[edit source]

    Another anime-exclusive Unnamed trion solder this one fell from the sky during episode 49 and shot at Xeno's and Lilith's Ship with rapid fire bullets.[6]

    Unnamed Trion Soldier that controls gravity[edit source]

    This anime-exclusive unnamed trion soldier shown off in Episode 52 next to an arugda, and it has demonstrated the ability to change the gravity of the area and the objects inside. it has shown to come in groups of four which may be the reason for it's high control as when they started getting picked off the gravity started shifting back to normal.

    Lilith[edit source]

    Main Article: Lilith
    Lilith is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier. It was designed by Lamia and has the appearance of a human girl. Its clothes for combat and for regular usage are different.

    Giev[edit source]

    Main Article: Giev
    Giev is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier. It was designed by Lamia and has the appearance of a human male. Its combat form looks like a modified version of Arugda.

    Charon[edit source]

    Main Article: Charon
    Charon is an anime-exclusive Trion Soldier. Similar to Replica, it is an Autonomous Trion Soldier who accompanies Giev and assists him in his mission. Much like Replica, Charon is capable of merging/using Giev's black trigger and using it to enhance the power of all of his other Trion Soldiers. 

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Ashihara finds the Marmod difficult to draw, but nevertheless enjoys its design.[4]

    References[edit source]

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