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    Nasu's extraordinary control of Viper.

    Nasu is a Master Class Shooter[1] who manages to be the ace of her squad despite users of Gunner Triggers generally acting as support.[2] This is in no small part thanks to her ability to program trajectories for Viper in real time, which only she, Kōhei Izumi[3], and Hyuse[4] are capable of in all of Border. In the match against Tamakoma Second and Suzunari First she was able to withstand the combined assault of Osamu Mikumo, Tatsuya Kuruma and Taichi Betsuyaku[5] and eventually overpower them,[6][7] albeit at the cost of her own defeat,[8] while also remaining on the look-out for Chika Amatori's sniping.[9] Hyuse thought her capable of taking out her four opponents on her own,[10] although Jun Arashiyama reckoned that she would not be able to best Yūma Kuga or Kō Murakami on her own due to the high performance rate of Shield.[2] With Yūko Kumagai's assistance and a pointer from Shirō Kikuchihara,[11] Nasu managed to force Wen Sō, who was noted to be A-rank level or above,[12] to bail out.[13]

    Nasu is rather accurate as a Shooter, hitting multiple small targets with a single activation of Viper.[14] She displayed some skill at scattering and controlling Trion cubes by fashioning her ammunition into one or two rings which float around her person.[15][5][6][16][17][18] Her arsenal has been recently expanded to include composite bullets.[19] Her usual fighting style consists in using the environment as cover while cornering the opponent with her remarkable mobility.[20] She is capable of running on walls[9] and leaping from the side of one building to the next without slowing down,[20] making herself a difficult target to hit for a single opponent.[21] Her quick reactions make her even harder to catch, so much so that, despite her being pressured on two sides and him being stationed behind her, Osamu could not force her to raise a Shield until he reprogrammed his Asteroid.[22] Her reflexes are what enabled her to survive Wen Sō's attack after the latter disguised herself as Kumagai.[23] When the circumstances call for it Nasu can switch from tactical maneuvering to shooting from a stationary position in order to control the movements of multiple enemies and lure Snipers into revealing themselves.[9] She is also skilled at coordinating with Kumagai, who defends her while she goes into Full Attack.[24] Her experience allows her to anticipate the moves of less skilled opponents,[25][26][27] and she has proven herself capable of strategizing in the middle of combat,[20] although her strategic ability was deemed lower than Osamu's by Kei Tachikawa. Yūichi Jin observed that this shortcoming is due to the strain caused by being both the captain and the ace of her squad.[28]

    Triggers[edit | edit source]

    Rei Nasu's Triggers
    Type Normal Viper

    Classification Shooter

    Nasu's main Trigger is Viper,[29] which she most commonly fires in Full Attack,[15][5][6][16][17][18] relying on her agility[20] or her teammates[16][17][18] to defend. She is one of the only three Border agents who can create new trajectories for Viper on the fly,[3] a single round potentially containing dozens of different and very complex patterns.[30] Her bullets not only prevent small obstacles from serving as cover, but they can also converge on the target from every possible direction.[31][32][33] Coupled with her ability to anticipate the opponent's moves,[25] this skill makes her shots very difficult to defend against or dodge.[31][29][26] Even then, Nasu is adept at breaking the enemy's guard with feints, either by suddenly focusing her fire in a single spot[34] or causing it to fan out and hit unsuspecting targets.[35] Not even opponents outside of her field of vision, whether because of low visibility or obstacles as large as buildings, are safe from her bending shots.[33] She has shown a preference for splitting her trion cubes in 8 pieces each when targeting enemy Shields,[36] whereas normally she divides them further, with a single cube being split into 64 parts on at least one occasion.[37] Nasu is first seen using Viper in Chapter 96 (Episode 44 in the anime).

    Birdcage (鳥籠(とりかご), Torikago ?): Nasu fires Viper through both the Main and the Sub and has the bullets converge on the target from multiple directions.[38] Feinting this technique and then concentrating her fire enables her to thwart possible countertactics.[34]

    Type Normal Meteor

    Classification Shooter

    Although Viper is Nasu's preferred Trigger,[29] she will occasionally switch to Meteor.[19] She has recently taken to merging it with Viper to form Tomahawk[19], as well as using it as a fixed charge and can either detonate it herself[39], a teammate can do it.[40] Nasu has yet to be seen firing Meteor, but its trion cube was visible while she was preparing Tomahawk in Chapter 102 (Episode 45 in the anime), however she first used it as a fixed charge in Chapter 197.
    Type Normal Tomahawk

    Classification Shooter (Composite)

    Nasu can fuse Meteor and Viper to create Tomahawk in a few seconds. She takes cover while doing so, and the modifiable patterns of this composite bullet, coupled with its wide explosive radius and her own skill at predicting the target's moves, enable her to shoot it without visual contact with the target, and thus without exposing herself to enemy fire.[41][42][43][44] Since her most used offensive Trigger is Viper,[29] the target may not notice that Nasu is using Tomahawk right away, increasing the likelihood that her attack will be lethal.[45] She has displayed a marked rpeference for splitting the Tomahawk cube in 8 pieces.[41][42][46] Despite Tomahawk being extremely difficult to control,[47] Nasu employed it to great effect in her first attempt in Rank Wars,[48] although she later failed to take out her target with a single round.[49] She is first seen using it in Chapter 101 (Episode 46 in the anime).
    Type Normal Shield

    Classification Defense

    Though Nasu prefers to use the environment to protect herself[20] and will dodge rather than defend when given the chance,[22] when she is unable to rely on her mobility she will not hesitate to cast Shield or go into Full Guard. She favors large, round or elliptical Shields which protect her head, midsection,[50][51] and occasionally part of her lower body.[25][52] Due to using it when surrounded by enemies, her Full Guard tends to consist in a Shield summoned before her person and another behind her.[51][52] Although she is quick enough to put up a Shield when sniped at with Egret within her own range, Nasu might not be capable of anticipating the target and focusing it.[20] She is first seen using Shield in Chapter 96 (Episode 44 in the anime).

    Parameters[edit | edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 174[53] 7 8 6 8 8 4 5 4 50

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