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    Kitora was always a prodigy, having 3,600 points on her enlistment day. Her time for defeating the Colossal Neighbor simulation was 9 seconds, which is currently the fourth-best. She was able to defeat a modified model of Rabbit by herself, which was deemed undefeatable for a lone A-rank agent by Replica. According to Tokieda, she started as a Gunner and later began using Scorpion.[1] He stated that after she joined the squad, they started winning more often, and that she is undoubtedly the team's ace.[1] He also revealed that Kitora, like Osamu, used to have a low trion level,[2] and it was through polishing her tactics and skills that she rose all the way to A-Rank.[3] She however claimed that currently her trion is in the average.[4] As an All-Rounder, she has a flexible fighting style. She is more focused on close-quarters combat than her teammates. Her speed and agility, combined with her Triggers, allowed her to force a Rabbit into immobility. She seems to be valued by her captain also for her strategic abilities.

    Triggers[edit source]

    Ai Kitora's Triggers
    Type Normal Scorpion

    Classification Attacker

    Due to her not having enough trion to fight solely as a Gunner, Kitora learned how to utilize Scorpion, which she uses in melee and to defeat enemies that cannot be taken out with guns alone,[3] such as certain types of Trion Soldiers with durable armor. Her model is customized, its default shape having two blades instead of one and the ability to spin around the handle.[3][5] As an All-Rounder[6], Kitora has scored at least 6,000 points with Scorpion.[7]

    Leg Blade ((あし) ブレード, Ashi Burēdo ?): By covering her foot and part of her leg with Scorpion, Kitora can cut through the target with a kick. Aside from allowing her to attack from more positions, this technique can restore her normal mobility should she lose a leg by replacing it with the blade.

    Type Normal Asteroid

    Classification Gunner

    As an All-Rounder[6], Kitora has scored at least 6,000 points with Asteroid.[7] Kitora fires Asteroid through her custom handgun[3], and is her preferred offensive trigger.[8][9] Due to her now average trion[3], she has a hard time breaking through defenses[8][10], but when it happens she can switch to Scorpion[3] which helps her save Trion.[3] other than that, Kitora can use Spider as a foothold[3], and circle an opponent at high-speed[3], while shooting which lets her attack her opponent as well as look for openings.[3] Additionally she can coordinate with Arashiyama[11] or Tokieda.[8][12] Kitora first uses Asteroid in Chapter 8 (Episode 5 in the Anime).
    Type Normal Spider

    Classification Optional

    Kitora is one of the few Spider users in Border. She fires it through a customized gun, which has a reel-in function that allows her to use it much like a self-winding grappling hook to reach normally impossible heights.[13] With it, she can move very quickly in a straight line even after the loss of a leg.[14] She can set wires around herself to hinder an enemy's movements,[15] although she claimed that traps of that kind will hardly work in one-on-one confrontations unless the conditions are perfect.[16] However, weaving a Spider web around herself and her opponent permits her to limit their movements while at the same time increasing agility:[17] by using the wires as footholds, she can circle around the enemy at high speed, looking for openings and attacking at once.[3] Alternatively, she can fire Spider directly at the opponent, anchoring them to the closest surface and leaving them vulnerable to further attacks.[18] She also has knowledge about several other possible uses of this Trigger.[16]
    Type Normal Bagworm

    Classification Optional

    An Optional Trigger that prevents the user's position from appearing on the Radar.
    Type Normal Shield

    Classification Defense

    Due to her low trion level Kitora's Shield is more fragile than those of other combatants.[19] However, she has shown to be able to compensate for it by activating the Shield's Fixed Mode, which increases its durability and allows for omnidirectional protection at the expense of the user's ability to move.[20]

    Parameters[edit source]

    Skill and Technique are the same stat

    Border Briefing File[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 66[6] 4 8 7 8 9 3 6 4 49

    Battle Simulation Unit[edit source]

    Action Token
    Chapter 224 Page 4[21] 4 8 6 7 7 9

    References[edit source]

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