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    Tamakoma Branch[edit source]

    Osamu Mikumo[edit source]

    Kitora considers Osamu her rival (which she refuses to admit), but Osamu has much respect for her. At first scolding him for breaking the rules of Border,[1] Kitora comes to see a humble and caring person in Osamu. She seems to be one of the people interested in his ever-growing potential. However, she still tries to find fault in his actions.[2] She also envies the fact he is trained by her former mentor Karasuma.[3] Contrary to Kitora, Osamu genuinely respects her, which surprises her.[4] Initially she thought Osamu was trying to use her for clout within Border. Despite her harshness and criticism towards Osamu, she does believe in his team's potential; as she later acknowledged that if Tamakoma 2 was utilized properly, they could easily score more points in rank wars. She is also the one to suggest and train Osamu to incorporate the Spider trigger to his fighting style, for which Osamu himself seems very grateful.[5]

    Yūma Kuga[edit source]

    Kitora and Yūma have conflicting personalities. As Osamu notes, they are "completely incompatible".[6] She finds him annoying, as he's always counteracting her, such as when she scolded Osamu for using his trigger outside of Border's base,[7] and when he said she seems unable to accept the fact Osamu was complimented,[8] and when he said that she considers Osamu her rival and that they aren't competing.[9] He was the one who made her see how good Osamu really was.[10]

    Kyōsuke Karasuma[edit source]

    Like Osamu is now, Kitora was Karasuma's student. She respects him a lot and seems to have a crush on him.[11]

    Arashiyama Squad[edit source]

    Jun Arashiyama[edit source]

    As her team captain, Kitora respects Arashiyama a lot, but she questioned his judging when he thanked Osamu for saving the school, as he disrespected Border's rules by doing so.[12] They also have conflicting opinions about Osamu, whereas Arashiyama considers Osamu smart and brave, she considers him stupid and lucky.[2]

    Ken Satori[edit source]

    Kitora has a lot of respect for Satori, but is bothered by his constant goofiness.[13]

    Others[edit source]

    Futaba Kuroe[edit source]

    Kitora wants Kuroe to respect her, but Kuroe's cold demeanor taints her superiority complex.[14]

    References[edit source]

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