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    Ninomiya is highly skilled in shooting and fighting in general, as is testified by him being the No. 1 Shooter and No. 2 overall combatant in Border, as well as the captain of the B-rank #1 (formerly A-rank) Squad. His proficiency extends to strategy as well,[1] making him a capable leader. He tends to fight on his own in Rank Wars, generally relying on his teammates for defense only to create composite bullets in the midst of combat,[2] as his individual power is great enough to crush most opponents. Proof of his power was his single-handed defeat of Yūma Kuga,[3] a fighter on par with some A-rank agents. In the latest season he currently boasts the highest survival rate next to Haruaki Azuma, having been forced to bail out only twice.[4] According to Kazuma Satomi, Ninomiya is the absolute strongest in one-on-one combat, although by his own admission his statement is biased.[5] Nonetheless, he told Osamu that the only person who could stand up to him in a straight shoot-out used to be Kōhei Izumi,[6] under whom Ninomiya further polished his skills as a Shooter after becoming the No. 1 Shooter.[7]

    Thanks to his exceptionally high amount of Trion, Ninomiya is endowed with tremendous offensive and defensive abilities which allow him to grind down any opponent he encounters in an open field.[8] As a Shooter, Ninomiya adopts a unique fighting style[9] wherein he goes into Full Attack and divides his two trion cubes differently, centering one on numbers and the other on power: if the opponent defends against the numerous, smaller bullets with a wide Shield, the larger bullets will break through it, but if they focus it to block the larger bullets, they will be unable to stop the more scattered and numerous small ones.[10] Should they opt for Full Guard, they will be stuck defending and unable to fight back until their Shields are destroyed.[11] The effectiveness of this combo is such that for most Border agents it is impossible to counter even if they know about it,[8] with the general consensus being that once one becomes Ninomiya's targets, they are as good as defeated.[6] Despite the sheer power of this tactic, Ninomiya employs it only when he knows where all opponents who could launch a sneak attack are, since going into Full Attack leaves him vulnerable.[12]

    Aside from his trion reserves, what makes this fighting style so terrifying is Ninomiya's skill at manipulating trion bullets.[13] Although summoning, splitting and aiming trion cubes take time,[14] Ninomiya can do so at extreme speed, so much so that he has demonstrated the ability to execute these passages so quickly that no trion cube appeared to have been created at all, catching even the extremely fast Yūma by surprise.[15] Only a handful of extremely quick fighters may be able to defeat Ninomiya by getting the draw on him, provided they can get close enough.[16] Further evidence of Ninomiya's considerable skill is the fact that he is one of only two Shooters who was shown manifesting trion cubes without needing to use his hands, which he keeps inside his pockets.[17][18] In addition, he is able to create composite bullets rather quickly, or at least fast enough not to need to take cover against an army of Idras while merging the two trion cubes.[19]

    Trion[edit source]

    Ninomiya had the greatest trion capacity in all of Border prior to Chika's enlistment.[20] Following Hyuse's promotion to official agent, Ninomiya now boasts the third-highest trion levels in the organization.[21] This abundance of trion grants him above-average offensive and defensive abilities, making him extremely difficult for Normal Trigger users to defeat in one on one combat. Even Hyuse, despite the superior amount of trion granted to him by his Trion Receptors, would require two Shields of the appropriate size to defend against Ninomiya's Full Attack,[11] which can rapidly shoot even Escudo to pieces.[22] Ninomiya's large trion amount also allows him to continue firing until his opponent's defenses are whittled down without worrying about his own stamina.

    Triggers[edit source]

    Masataka Ninomiya's Triggers
    Type Normal Asteroid

    Classification Shooter

    As the Shooter with the highest score with this Trigger,[23] and the agent with the second highest score with any Trigger[24][25], Ninomiya is extremely proficient with Asteroid. Thanks to his abundance of trion[20], a single volley is powerful enough to break the Shield of a former A-Rank agent and damage their body,[18] as well as to destroy small structures.[26] He scatters his bullets evenly around him, targeting an area that is larger than the opponent, but not so much that too many shots will miss the target.[18][27] Ninomiya is capable of create trion cubes with his hands in his pockets[17] as well as to summon, divide and fire one before the opponent can react.[15] Due to Ninomiya dividing the trion cube in 6[17] or 16[18] parts, in order to have more precise control over the number and power.[28] Ninomiya first uses Asteroid in Chapter 111 (Episode 68 in the Anime).
    Type Normal Hound

    Classification Shooter

    At mid-range, Ninomiya uses the bullets to lure the opponent accordingly and finish them off with a sudden volley of Asteroid.[29] At long range, he can unleash a continuous Full Attack Hound to bombard a large area from afar, wearing down the defenses of any opponent within range.[30] Ninomiya is first seen using Hound in Chapter 114.
    Type Normal Meteor

    Shooter Class

    Ninomiya rarely employs Meteor, however when he does use it, he uses it to make Salamander[31], or to make areas more open.[32] Ninomiya is first seen using Meteor in Chapter 193 (Episode 99 in the Anime).
    Type Normal Gimlet

    Classification Shooter (Composite)

    Ninomiya's Gimlet is so powerful it can break through the combined shields of four Idras and damage them directly.[19] This is all the more impressive considering that those shields were able to withstand the combined fire of three Egrets multiple times without a crack.[33] Ninomiya is first seen using Gimlet in Chapter 127.
    Type Normal Salamander

    Classification Shooter (Composite)

    Ninomiya uses Salamander to bombard opponents beyond his line of sight. A single volley can devastate an area as large as a city block.[34] Even if the bombardment is not very accurate, the explosive properties of the composite bullet make it difficult to avoid, with Chika needing to combine her superior trion capacity with Yūma's speed to survive a prolonged attack.[35] Ninomiya has been seen dividing his Salamander cube into 6 parts against stationary targets,[36] but split it into several more tetrahedra when those same targets began moving.[37] He is first seen using Salamander in Chapter 185.
    Type Normal Hornet

    Classification Shooter (Composite)

    Ninomiya uses Hornet as a distraction while luring his opponent into a trap.[38] He also has been seen using it to negate his opponent's bullets via collision.[39] He is first seen using Hornet in Chapter 190.
    Type Normal Shield

    Classification Defense

    Due to his extremely vast amount of trion, Ninomiya's Shield is much more durable than most. He can counter Egret with a Shield about twice as large as the focused Shields of other agents.[26] His Full Guard can even fully stop an Ibis shot.[40] In rank wars, he occasionally casts a Shield to protect an opponent in order to defeat them himself and snatch the point.[40] Ninomiya is first seen using Shield in Chapter 111.
    Type Normal Bagworm

    Classification Optional

    A cloak that prevents the user's trion signature from being detected by Radar, therefore concealing their position. Due to his tremendous power, Ninomiya primarily uses it for ambushes and misdirection.[18] His squad's model has a unique upturned collar.[18] Ninomiya is first seen using Bagworm in Chapter 113.

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 105[9] 14 12 7 6 8 6 7 2 62

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