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    Sasamori restrains Yūma Kuga.

    Sasamori is the strategic lynchpin of his squad.[1] His role is primarily one of support, with him providing cover or opportunities to land a lethal blow for his teammates or disrupting the enemy in a variety of ways, such as by breaking their guard, splitting their focus, and creating diversions.[2][3] His movements were noted by Enedora to be far less sharp than those of the members of Kazama Squad,[4] and he was unable to intervene in the fast-paced battle between the Neighbor and Masafumi Shinoda.[5] Nonetheless, Sasamori is a moderately skilled combatant, who proved capable enough to survive a few of the Neighbor's attacks.[6][7] As an Attacker with over 7,000 points,[8] he is individually more powerful than trainees and other B-rank agents. Although he is allegedly not a match for Master Class Attackers such as Tetsuji Arafune,[9] he has infrequently managed to best more powerful opponents. He was the only one among the four official agents who confronted Hyuse to score a win, which is to be attributed in part to the opportunity as well as ability to analyze his opponent's fighting style.[10] On a single occasion he won four matches out of ten against Shun Midorikawa.[11] Together with Master Class Attacker Shinnosuke Tsuji he succeeded in holding back one of the Idras remotely controlled by Yomi.[12]

    Although originally he tended to let his feelings[13] and lack of confidence impair his composure in combat, he gradually learned to remain more focused on his objective.[9] As a result, his analytical skills improved, with Tsuji taking note of his newfound ability to calmly take in the whole picture in a large-scale confrontation in the midst of combat.[14]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Hisato Sasamori's Triggers
    Type Normal Kogetsu
    Classification Attacker
    Sasamori is fairly proficient with Kogetsu, having scored over 7,000 points with it.[8] While his skill is lower than that of Master Class Attackers,[9] he has managed to defeat opponents even above that level on a handful of occasions. He won one match out of six against Hyuse, injuring him in at least one other, after observing his fighting style,[10] and succeeded in scoring four wins out of ten rounds against Midorikawa, although by his own admission it was a fluke.[11] He was able to intercept a sneak attack launched by Yomi through an Idra in Manual Mode, although he took damage in the process,[15] and later stalled it with Tsuji assistance without further visible injuty until the end of the conflict.[12] Sasamori is first seen using Kogetsu in Chapter 45 (Episode 22 in the anime).
    Type Normal Chameleon
    Classification Optional
    Sasamori often uses Chameleon when fighting along his teammates to get close to the opponent and break their guard[2] or to divert their attention in other ways.[16] Against superior opponents who are ready to cut him down as soon as he shows himself, Suwa Squad has developed a tactic in which Sasamori restrains them with his bare hands while still invisible, so that one of his teammates can then force both Sasamori and the opponent to Bail Out. While resorting to this tactic Sasamori has no way to deal damage on his own and is especially vulnerable to Triggers, like Scorpion, which can be used even while immobilized.[17] Sasamori is first seen using Chameleon in Chapter 71 (Episode 32 in the anime).
    Type Normal Bagworm
    Classification Optional
    A Trigger that prevents the user's Trion signature from being detected by Radar, therefore concealing their position. Sasamori is first seen using Bagworm in Chapter 89 (Episode 40 in the anime).

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 161[18] 5 6 7 7 6 2 3 5 41

    References[edit source]

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