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    Suwa Squad[edit source]

    The members of Suwa Squad have a good relationship and hang out together outside of Border defense duty.[1] Sasamori addresses Kōtarō Suwa,[2] whom he deeply respects,[3] along with Rui Osano[4] by surname, with the former[5] and Daichi Tsutsumi[2] calling him by his first name — Osano uses a nickname.[6]

    Atsushi Hokari[edit source]

    Although Hokari attempted to use Sasamori's insecurities to rattle him during the match against Tamakoma Second and Suwa Squad,[7] the two are actually good friends.[8] In a draft that had to be scrapped due to page limit Hokari would have apologized to Sasamori via text, commenting that he was growing fast without him noticing and that it made him feel lonely. In response Sasamori would have playfully thanked him for the point.[9]

    Noboru Koarai[edit source]

    Koarai and Sasamori are of the same age and might be close, seeing as they were seen walking together in the base.[10] Moreover, Koarai was enthusiastic about Sasamori's one victory against Hyuse.[11]

    Mitsuru Tokieda[edit source]

    Sasamori and Tokieda seem to be on good terms. The two and Suwa were seen walking and talking together in HQ.[12]

    Shinnosuke Tsuji[edit source]

    Sasamori and Tsuji appear to be on good terms with each other, with the latter addressing the former by his first name followed by the honorific -kun.[13] The two are close enough for Tsuji to notice a change in Sasamori's personality.[14]

    Tatsuya Kuruma[edit source]

    Kuruma and Sasamori are probably on good terms with each other, since the former addresses the latter by his first name followed by the honorific -kun.[15]

    Reiji Kizaki[edit source]

    Like the rest of his unit,[4][16] Sasamori refers to Kizaki by his first name,[17] which suggests familiarity.

    Sōya Kazama[edit source]

    Sasamori looks up to Kazama.[3] Despite his initial recalcitrance, he listened to the A-rank Attacker when the latter curtly ordered him to retreat instead of confronting the Rabbit that had captured Suwa, seeing the sense in his words.[18] Sasamori later teared up when Kazama complimented him.[19]

    Hyuse[edit source]

    Sasamori is one of the four agents who challenged Hyuse after hearing of his astoundingly rapid ascent to B-rank. He is awed by Hyuse's skill[20] and did not hesitate to congratulate him and enquire about his future plans after the matches.[21]

    Kei Tachikawa[edit source]

    Sasamori feels strong admiration for Tachikawa's swordsmanship.[22]

    Shun Midorikawa[edit source]

    Sasamori was able to win four out of ten rounds in a solo battle against Midorikawa on one occasion. The fact that he called it a fluke might suggest that they have sparred more than once.[23]

    Rokurō Wakamura[edit source]

    When Sasamori notices his friend's distress, he is quick to intervene; both are on a first name basis.[24]

    References[edit source]

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