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    Wakamura's assault rifle.

    As a B-rank agent, Wakamura should be individually more powerful than C-rank trainees. He proved strong enough to emerge unscathed from a confrontation against four Marmods while fighting alongside his teammates,[1] and he is known to be higher ranked than Osamu Mikumo at the time of their match.[2] Much to his own frustration, however, he has failed to reach Master Class as a Gunner even after two years of hard work and with Sumiharu Inukai's tutelage.[3] He takes a support role in his squad, with both Miura and he assisting Katori.[4] His firearm of choice is an assault rifle,[5] a weapon emphasizing range and rate of fire, whose model resembles his mentor's. He prefers to keep it conjured at all times rather than dispel it when he does not need it.[6] He has shown to possess some level of insight in battle,[7][8][9] and proved fast enough to dodge one shot of from Chika Amatori's Lead Bullet and Lightning combination after luring it.[10]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Rokurō Wakamura's Triggers
    Type Normal Asteroid

    Classification Gunner

    Wakamura's primary offensive Trigger appears to be Asteroid. Despite training for two full years and being mentored by Inukai, he has yet to reach Master Class with it.[3] By his own admission he was unable to hit Yūma Kuga[11][12] when the latter was still perfecting his ability to use wires.[13] Wakamura is first seen using Asteroid in Chapter 138, although in the anime she was shown using it in Episode 74.
    Type Normal Chameleon

    Classification Optional

    Wakamura frequently uses Chameleon in combat, to the point that it is widely recognized as a tactic of Katori Squad.[4] He can activate it to support Katori[14] as well as while crossing a terrain without having to watch out for lines of fire.[15] Wakamura is first seen using Chameleon in Chapter 138.
    Type Normal Bagworm

    Classification Optional

    A Trigger that prevents the user's Trion signature from being detected by Radar, therefore concealing their position. Wakamura is first seen using Bagworm in Chapter 140.
    Type Normal Shield

    Classification Defense

    Wakamura exhibits a preference for casting round Shields attached to his right forearm which are wide enough to protect his head and torso.[14][16][17] He has shown the ability to morph his Shield around his firearm so as to shoot while remaining protected.[18][19] When it comes to focused Shields he casts them in the default hexagonal shape, and he has proven fast and accurate enough to intercept a Raygust slash[20] accelerated with Thruster.[21] Wakamura is first seen using Shield in Chapter 138.

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 155[5] 6 6 7 6 7 4 3 3 42

    References[edit source]

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