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    Ergates' Trigger/Black Trigger Model was an anime-exclusive black trigger formerly used by Giev. The fate of this Trigger was never stated but it is presumed that it was destroyed as it was presumably on Giev when he exploded the first time[1] and could be with him or Charon when he self-destructed.[2] This trigger was designed mainly to release and control specially designed trion warriors for combat, the same as the basic triggers used in Ergates, with the addition of enhancing those warriors' power. According to Xeno, this trigger originally belonged to Dr. Lamia. The actual name of this trigger, along with how this black version was created was never revealed.

    Abilities[edit source]

    This black trigger was formed when Charon merges itself with the original version of this trigger used by Giev (In a similar fashion to how Replica can merge with Yūma's Black Trigger) reshaping into a more slender, black form with two of his white horns sticking out of it near the elbow. The main usage of this trigger was fundamentally the same, the releasing and controlling of various Trion Soldiers. However, the Trion Soldiers that are released and used are specially designed in comparison to the previous ones. These Trion Soldiers, like the originals, are sealed in special black capsules that resemble bullet cartridges and are loaded into the launching mechanism. They are then released out of a specialized gate where they appear from. The Trion Soldiers released and used can be brought back into their capsulized form to avoid destruction. The Trion Soldiers summoned from the user's original trigger can apparently also be controlled to an extent. The biggest difference/advantage that this black trigger has from the normal model is that it enhances the overall power, strength, and speed of the Trion Soldiers summoned, and that the Soldiers are more combat-oriented in comparison to regular Trion Soldiers. One weakness that this trigger has is that if it is somehow removed from the trion body (ie.. if the user's arm gets cut off), the user becomes unable to control and release more Trion Soldiers, and the soldiers already summoned become harder to properly control. This weakness, in addition to the users' trion Body sustaining regular damage and losing trion, can become very troublesome in a battle against multiple opponents.

    The following Trion Soldiers have been summoned from this trigger:

    Scare[edit source]

    Scare (スケア, Sukea ?) is an anime exclusive Trion Soldier. It has the ability to shoot using trion bullet, similar to a Shooter.[1]

    It has also shown the ability to extend its limbs to hit enemies that are farther away. It has also been shown that it will slice its own allies in attempt to hit said enemy.[1]

    Should be noted that it has only been summoned by the Black trigger model so it may be exclusive to that model.

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