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    Ikoma Squad[edit source]

    Satoshi Mizukami[edit source]

    Ikoma and Mizukami appear to be friends. Despite his pragmatism, he listens to Ikoma's rambling anecdotes attentively,[1][2][3][4] often providing humorous commentary or a grounded reaction to them and his outlandish behavior.[5][6][7][8][3] Despite being the captain, Ikoma relies on Mizukami's tactical insight during rank wars,[9][10] although when multiple paths are open the Shooter lets the Attacker decide which one to pick[11][12][8] before focusing on how to achieve it himself.[11][8] Mizukami addresses Ikoma by his nickname, to which he appends the honorific -san.[5]

    Kōji Oki[edit source]

    Ikoma and Oki appear to be on friendly terms. The Sniper is amused by his captain's puzzling anecdotes and makes light-hearted remarks on them,[1][3] or, more precisely, on Ikoma's choice of subject[5] and storytelling habits.[4][13] Ikoma often comments on Oki's popularity with girls despite the latter's denial,[6] even using his good looks as an argument to get him to shoot Chika, to Oki's embarrassment. There might be a shade of envy to his teasing.[14] Ikoma believes his professed reluctance to snipe young girls to be no more than an act to support his "good guy" façade.[15] He addresses Oki by his surname, without honorifics,[16] while the Sniper uses his nickname followed by the honorific -san.[1]

    Maori Hosoi[edit source]

    Ikoma's nonchalance before a rank war can unnerve Hosoi, as instead of strategizing he ends up sharing rambling anecdotes whose pointlessness can leave her astonished to this day.[4] Despite doing so for all girls, Ikoma had never called Hosoi cute until Oki pointed it out, prompting the Attacker to rectify his omission multiple times, to her embarrassment. He calls her by her nickname, to which he appends the suffix -chan.[5][17]

    Kai Minamisawa[edit source]

    Minamisawa appears to greatly admire Ikoma or anyway to seek to win his approval, as many of his excessive shows of enthusiasm follow one of the captain's statements.[18][5][4] Ikoma appears to be his only teammate who does not react to them coldly.[18][4] He refers to Minamisawa by his first name, without honorifics.[11]

    Tamakoma Branch[edit source]

    Yūma Kuga[edit source]

    Ikoma is deeply impressed with Yūma's combat prowess: particularly with his victory against Kō Murakami in round three.[18] Yūma has complimented Ikoma's skill after being defeated by him in round six.[19]

    Hyuse[edit source]

    Ikoma is impressed with Hyuse's swordsmanship and was thrilled at the prospect of challenging him.[20] His admiration has only grown over time.[21][22] He apologized to him after unwittingly breaking the rules in their match[23] and contributed to Hyuse's maturing respect for Border's swift progress.[24] Hyuse refers to Ikoma by his surname, without honorifics,[25] while Ikoma uses his first name, also without honorifics,[26][27] although it is unknown if, as part of the Neighbor's cover, it was made into his first or family name.

    Yūichi Jin[edit source]

    Ikoma and Jin are part of a group of 19-year-old agents who hang out together.[28] Ikoma is awed by Jin's combat ability[4] and jumps at the chance to spar with him — finding a way to view his matches even when that opportunity is missed. He has shown immense gratitude for Jin's advice regarding alluring hobbies.[29] Ikoma refers to Jin by his surname without honorifics,[3] whereas Jin uses the diminutive nickname "Ikomacchi".[30]

    Others[edit source]

    Jun Arashiyama and Kuniharu Kakizaki[edit source]

    Ikoma is the same age as Arashiyama, Jin, and Kakizaki, and they regularly go out together. Like Jin, Ikoma has a tendency to be irresponsible on their outings, and the two prompt Arashiyama to goof around with them, forcing Kakizaki into being the voice of reason.[28]

    Shinnosuke Tsuji[edit source]

    Ikoma holds his combat prowess to high esteem. Despite this, he does not tend to heed Tsuji's pleas for serious behavior in an exam setting — but nonetheless appreciates the optimism for his growth.[31] Since he does not appear to be bothered by Ikoma referring to him by his surname followed by the diminutive suffix -chan,[20] the two are presumably on good terms.

    Noboru Koarai[edit source]

    They are presumably on good terms, with Koarai feeling obligated to bemoan Ikoma's involuntary foul when he sparred with Hyuse.[32] Koarai addresses Ikoma by shortening his surname and appending the honorific -san, while Ikoma uses Koarai's nickname ("Koala") and no honorifics.[33]

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