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    Background[edit source]

    Ranbanein hails from House Beltiston. Due to Beltison's alliance with Mira's family, either he or his brother, Hyrein, will marry her.[1]

    Large-Scale Invasion Arc[edit source]

    Ranbanein is first shown on the Aftokrator ship, watching as A-rank Kazama Squad battles a Rabbit.[2]  He watches Enedora and Hyuse start fighting and backs Enedora’s wish to get out of the ship. He is told to wait.[3]

    When Chika destroys half of a Rabbit, Ranbanein is among those sent out to separate and stall Border’s Troops.[4]  Ranbanein is teleported before several B Squads gathering to fight.

    He expresses his disappointment at only facing two people: Betsuyaku and Azuma, before acknowledging that he shouldn’t take them lightly. Before he can attack them, he is attacked by Chano Squad. After defeating them in a single attack, he forces Betsuyaku into a bailout and pursues Azuma. He is brought to a halt when Arafune Squad attacks. He manages to block at the last moment, and uses his trigger Chelidon to counterattack, killing all but Arafune. He then expresses his delight at being able to fight to his heart's content.[5]

    He continues attacking the B-rank members, noting that they were patient. He then debates on whether or not to lure them into the streets, or go and aid Viza in his fight.[6]

    A-rankers Midorikawa, Yoneya and Izumi join the battle. Izumi starts off by attacking around the corner of the building. Ranbanein avoids all the attacks, and attempts to guard against Midorikawa, who quickly evaded him with Grasshopper. He immediately notes that Midorikawa is acting as a diversion, and attempts to block Yoneya’s attack, though the Attacker activates Gen'yo to bend his blade around his shield, scoring a shallow cut on his shoulder. He uses Chelidon to attack Midorikawa, who attempts to attack him from behind. He then attempts to fire at Izumi, but misses.

    After noting what kind of predicament he is in, he takes to the skies to rain fire upon the three, splitting them up. He then charges Midorikawa, who uses a fire hydrant as a shield. Ranbanein fires blindly into the mist, but misses Midorikawa who cut off his left leg.[7]

    After Midorikawa’s attack, Ranbanein takes to the sky, fleeing from the battle. Izumi promptly fires again, and while he is able to dodge that, he is unable to dodge Arafune’s bullet. He promptly launches a quick counterattack, managing to blow off Arafune’s right arm.

    Ranbanein admires their commander's thinking and notes that he can’t aim properly while flying. He dips as if to use the buildings as a blockade against their line of fire, targeting Kuruma. However, at the last moment, he breaks off and launches an attack against Yoneya. He is surprised when the fellow soldiers around Yoneya contribute to his shield, allowing Yoneya to strike a final blow against him.[8]

    He then compliments them, noting how he was unable to even stop five of the Soldiers. Mira arrives to pick him up, trying to launch a surprise attack at the same time. However it ends up not working, and Ranbanein admits his complete defeat.[9]

    He commentates on Enedora’s raiding the HQ[10] and how he’d like to go against a human black trigger with Chelidon.[11] After Aftokrator is forced to evacuate, he notes that it is a bit of a waste as they were unable to get ahold of the Chika. He then notes how spacious the ship is with two of the members gone. When Hyrein asks him if he finds his methods detestable, he responds that he doesn't.[12]

    References[edit source]

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