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    Enedora was deemed competent enough to be assigned a Black Trigger. According to Mira, he was very talented as a child.[1] Despite what his personality may suggest, he is very adept at using Vorvoros for a variety of sneak attacks, and can make the most of its defensive abilities.[2] Thanks to his Trion Receptors, he can fight and use powerful attacks for a prolonged amount of time. However, they took root in his brain, rendering him brash, unruly and careless in his arrogance.[3] His tendency to underestimate his opponents caused his defeat at the hands of Border's normal Trigger users.[4] Nonetheless, he remained moderately perceptive, understanding that Suwa Squad's invincibility was caused by the room they were fighting in,[5] and noticing when Sasamori disappeared using Chameleon, pretending not to notice to lure him in.[6]

    Although he is knowledgeable about Aftokrator,[7] his knowledge of the Neighborhood in general, including of Aftokrator's own vassal countries, is extremely limited.[8]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Enedora's Triggers
    Type Black Vorvoros
    Enedora can use this Trigger to liquefy or gasify himself, giving himself enhanced mobility and immunity to attacks directed to his body. He can also use the former ability to create blades and the latter to enter the target's lungs and subsequently inflict inner damage. Altering the state of his trion body leaves his trion relay center and supply system exposed to attack, but he can counter this weakness by encasing them in a hard shell and creating dummies which serve as decoy.
    Type Normal Trion Receptor
    Classification Standard
    The horns installed on Enedora's heads have improved the amount and quality of his trion over the course of years,[9] giving him extraordinary reserves that permit him to use his Black Trigger for long periods of time. His Trion Receptors turned black due to him using Vorvoros. However, they ended up affecting his brain, which rendered him brash, unruly and careless, and would have killed him had he not been murdered by Mira first.[3] The biological data they collected is being used by Aftokrator to find a successor to Vorvoros,[10] but it also allowed Border to manufacture a Rad with Enedora's memories and personality.[11]
    Type Normal Cape
    Classification Standard
    When in his trion body, Enedora is protected by an armored cape[12] that can deflect the bullets of Border's Gunner Triggers,[13] as well as absorb the effects of Lead Bullet, shedding the affected parts and regenerating moments afterwards.[14] However, the cape seems to have no effect while Vorvoros is active,[15] unless it is involved in the formation of shells.

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 240[16] 41 15 24 7 8 4 5 18 122

    References[edit source]

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