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    As a B-rank agent, Tsutsumi should be more powerful individually than C-rank trainees. His specialty is concentrating his firepower with his captain's.[1] With little previous knowledge of Yūma Kuga's fighting style he was able to anticiapte some of his movements,[2] although he ultimately failed to land a single hit on him[3] or the Idra remotely controlled by Yomi.[4] The sharpness of his movements was also noted by Enedora to lag far behind that of the members of Kazama Squad.[5]

    Tsutsumi has some familiarity with Border's technology apart from Triggers, since he has been tasked with operating the training room on a few occasions.[6][7][8]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Diachi Tsutsumi's Triggers
    Type Normal Asteroid

    Classification Gunner

    Tsutsumi's offensive Trigger is a shotgun loaded with Asteroid bullets.[1] It boasts high firepower[9] and, due to the number of bullets fired at once, it is difficult to avoid at close range for all[10] but the swiftest foes.[11][12][4] However, it is not very accurate, and it has a low rate of fire. Tsutsumi can regulate the angle of the bullet spread[9] to focus damage or increase the area of damage, hitting multiple targets with a single pull of the trigger.[11] When no other Triggers are required and he can fight at close-to-mid-range, Tsutsumi may go in Full Attack.[3] Tsutsumi is first seen using Asteroid in Chapter 45 (Episode 22 in the anime).
    Type Normal Starmaker

    Classification Optional

    Starmaker places a marker on the location hit by a bullet which remains detectable when the target uses Bagworm or Chameleon, but forces Tsutsumi to use only one shotgun to activate it.[13] Thanks to its wide bullet spread, his firearm is a particularly good match for this Trigger. Tsutsumi is first seen using Starmaker in Chapter 71 (Episode 32 in the anime.

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 160[1] 7 8 7 7 7 3 4 2 45

    References[edit source]

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