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    Nasu Squad[edit source]

    Rei Nasu[edit source]

    Nasu cares about her teammate and found more motivation to rank higher when she heard about Akane moving.[1] Nasu addresses her by her first name followed by the suffix -chan[2] whereas Hiura uses her surname and the honorific -senpai,[3] reflecting their closeness as well as Hiura's respect for her captain.

    Yūko Kumagai[edit source]

    Hiura was scouted by Kumagai,[4] who is classmates with her brother.[5] Kumagai is somewhat of a mentor figure to her and directs her in combat.[6][7][8][9] As with the other members of the Squad, however, their relationship also extends beyond that into friendship, with Kumagai being genuinely saddened at the prospect of Hiura leaving the team.[10][11] Hiura addresses Kumagai by her surname followed by the honorific -senpai,[7][12] while Kumagai uses her first name, without honorifics.[13]

    Sayoko Shiki[edit source]

    Shiki and Hiura are friends as well as teammates. Shiki has a habit of teasing Hiura about her tearful outbursts[14][3] and addresses her by her first name, without honorifics.[15]

    Others[edit source]

    Tōru Narasaka[edit source]

    Narasaka became Hiura's mentor at his cousin Nasu's request.[4] She is very proud to be his disciple and enthusiastically congratulates him on his ranking first after practice.[16]

    Chika Amatori[edit source]

    Both being Snipers, Hiura and Chika meet at joint Sniper training after the ranked match.[17] They quickly befriend each other, forming a friendly rivalry, and promise a rematch between their teams.[18] Since then, Hiura, Chika and Natsume have taken to practicing together after joint Sniper practice.[19]

    Izuho Natsume[edit source]

    They also meet in the Sniper training, with Hiura becoming ecstatic upon seeing Natsume's cat, and they quickly befriend each other.[17] Since then, Hiura, Natsume, and Chika have taken to practicing together after joint Sniper practice.[19] At Hiura departure, she asked Izuho to be the next sniper of the team.

    Isami Tōma[edit source]

    They seem to be on good terms, with Hiura being impressed by his accuracy.[20] She envied him when Natsume's cat chose to sit on his head.[21]

    Yuzuru Ema[edit source]

    Ema and Hiura seem to be on good terms, with the latter being impressed by his accuracy.[21] She consistently noted that he ranked low in joint Sniper practice, but did not know it was due to him slacking off until Narasaka pointed it out to her.[22] They began to practice side by side afterwards, together with Chika, Natsume and Tōma.[23] She addresses him by his surname.[24]

    Kōji Oki[edit source]

    Hiura and Oki are on good terms. After she heard him say that he has trouble sniping cute girls, Hiura asks him if he would be able to shoot at her, and she rejoices when he says that he would indeed be conflicted. She addresses him by his surname followed by the honorific -senpai, while he uses her surname and the suffix -chan.[25]

    Shun Midorikawa[edit source]

    The two know each other and seem to be on good terms, enough for Hiura to call Midorikawa by his first name, to which she appends the honorific -kun.[26]

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