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    As a B-rank agent, Chano should be individually more powerful than C-rank trainees. Although their promotion to official agent might not have been entirely due to merit[1], Chano Squad has managed to climb to a position in the upper half of the lower B-rank tier.[2] Chano and Fujisawa have identical Trigger sets to fight in synchronicity.[3] They might be proficient at stealth, since they came moderately close to Yūma Kuga and Ranbanein without being detected until they opened fire.[4][5] However, even together they are no match even for a severely injured Rabbit, which they failed to spot until it was on them.[6]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Makoto Chano's Triggers
    Type Normal Asteroid
    Classification Gunner
    Chano fires Asteroid through their handguns[2], which they dual-wield[4], unlike Fujisawa.[5] They might not be very accurate, since some of their shots against stationary Yūma, and Ranbanein missed despite the short distance[4][5], although others would have hit the target's vitals had they not defended.[4][5] Chano is first seen using Asteroid in Chapter 47 (Episode 23 in the anime).
    Type Normal Shield
    Classification Defense
    Unlike other Gunners who engage the opponent from behind a Shield, Chano prefers to switch to it only when under attack.[7] They favor a wide oval shape that protects their whole body and hovers close to their left forearm.[7] Chano is first seen using Shield in Chapter 54 (Episode 25 in the anime).

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 186[2] 6 6 4 5 4 3 4 1 33

    References[edit source]

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