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    Ikoma Squad[edit source]

    Tatsuhito Ikoma[edit source]

    Ikoma and Oki appear to be on friendly terms. The Sniper is amused by his captain's puzzling anecdotes and makes light-hearted remarks on them,[1][2] or, more precisely, on Ikoma's choice of subject[3] and storytelling habits.[4][5] Ikoma often comments on Oki's popularity with girls despite the latter's denial,[6] even using his good looks as an argument to get him to shoot Chika, to Oki's embarrassment. There might be a shade of envy to his teasing.[7] Ikoma believes his professed reluctance to snipe young girls to be no more than an act to support his "good guy" façade.[8] He addresses Oki by his surname, without honorifics,[9] while the Sniper uses his nickname followed by the honorific -san.[1]

    Satoshi Mizukami[edit source]

    Mizukami is not enthused by Ikoma and Oki's back and forth about the latter's popularity,[6] although he will exploit it to spur Oki into action during Rank Wars.[7] In fact, during a match Mizukami can often be heard egging the Sniper on.[7][10][11][12] He most commonly addresses him by his surname without appending a honorific.[13][11][12]

    Kai Minamisawa[edit source]

    Oki frequently dismisses Minamisawa's bursts of exuberance, which the Attacker does not appear to take to heart.[14] Oki addresses him by his first name, without adding honorifics.[15]

    Maori Hosoi[edit source]

    Oki appears to like teasing Hosoi, pointing out to his teammates that she seemed to resent Ikoma never calling her cute, as when she thinks to herself that Ikoma never called her cute, sparking a round of compliments that embarrassed her greatly. He addresses her by her nickname "Mario" without honorifics.[3]

    Others[edit source]

    Isami Tōma[edit source]

    Tōma and Oki appear to know each other well, and are close enough for Tōma to mock Oki without the latter taking offense.[16] On one such occasion Oki attempted to convince him that his delay in firing back at Chika was due to sentimentality, although Tōma was not persuaded in the least.[17] They address each other by surname, with Oki appending the honorific -san.[16]

    Yuzuru Ema[edit source]

    Ema and Oki might be on good terms with one another, since Oki addresses the younger Sniper by his first name, without honorifics. However, Ema was bothered by Oki's flirtatious behavior around Chika both because he was making her uncomfortable and out of jealousy, and told him to stop, which surprised Oki. Even on that occasion Ema addressed him respectfully, appending the honorific -senpai to his surname.[17]

    Akane Hiura[edit source]

    Hiura and Oki are on good terms. After she heard him say that he has trouble sniping cute girls, Hiura asks him if he would be able to shoot at her, and she rejoices when he says that he would indeed be conflicted. She addresses him by his surname followed by the honorific -senpai, while he uses her surname and the suffix -chan.[18]

    Chika Amatori[edit source]

    Oki praises Chika's diligence as a Sniper and resented being assigned to taking her out in round six.[8] He claims that he had trouble pulling the trigger at the deciding moment because he always wanted a sister like her, and because cute girls are difficult to shoot at. However, she was distressed by his flirting.[17] Oki addresses her by surname, to which he appends the diminutive suffix -chan.[16]

    References[edit source]

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