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    Mizukami prepares to fire while monitoring the battle.

    As befits a member of a Squad with a stable standing in the upper tier of B-rank[1], Mizukami is a capable Shooter. In combat he takes a support role,[2] pressuring the opponent from a distance while his teammates engage at close quarters[3][4][5] and guarding them as necessary.[6] He may also use his bullets to control the opponents' position,[7][5][8] ideally from a vantage point that allows him to monitor the state of the battle at large so he can warn his teammates about incoming threats.[4] In fact, despite not being the captain, Mizukami is his Squad's centerpiece for tactics. During combat he is responsible for analyzing[9][10] and keeping track of enemy movements,[4][11][12] directing his teammates accordingly.[9][3] When multiple paths are open, he lets Tatsuhito Ikoma decide which one to pick[13][14][15] before focusing on how to achieve it himself.[13][15] Combined with the active role he plays on the battlefield, Mizukami's ability to strategize in real time vouches for excellent multi-tasking skills. He also seems to be in charge of what little planning his Squad carries out before a rank war.[16][17]

    Mizukami's skills as a Shooter are advanced enough for him to split his cubes and scatter the bullets,[3][15][18][5][8] as well as to delay them at least to a small extent[3][13][19][18][4][8][2] and fire on the move.[3][8] Furthermore, Mizukami is capable of calling out a different bullet from the one he fires, potentially causing his opponents to put up an unsuitable defense.[7][19] The deception is not flawless, however, as Kazuaki Ōji was able to see through it.[20] This technique demands a high level of skill, although it is not effective against opponents outside of Border.[21]

    Apart from the abilities that make him a capable Border agent, Mizukami is the best shōgi player in Border, and he was on track to become a professional player until middle school.[21] He is also stated to be particularly intelligent, to the extent that he is "throwing off the bell curve".[22]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Satoshi Mizukami's Triggers
    Type Normal Hound
    Classification Shooter
    Hound appears to be the Trigger which Mizukami employs with the most frequency when fighting alongside his teammates, possibly because its homing function makes it an excellent tool with which to control the target's position[7][8] and allows him to support the Attackers in his Squad from a greater number of angles. In fact, Mizukami demonstrates enough skill with it to have the bullets curve around his teammate and force the opponent to deploy their Shield even when the two are locked in close-quarters combat.[3][4] He can angle the bullets so they will converge on the target from two directions, making them difficult to block with only one Shield.[18] Disguising Hound as another bullet can lull the target into a false sense of security after they move away from a flight path that is assumed to be straight, raising the odds of a successful hit when the bullets curve unexpectedly.[7] Mizukami is first seen using Hound in Chapter 154.
    Type Normal Meteor
    Classification Shooter
    Mizukami can disguise Meteor as another Gunner Trigger to take the opponent by surprise with its explosive effect.[19] The smoke screen that it creates can be used for a follow-up attack.[23] Mizukami is first seen using Meteor in Chapter 155 (Episode 84 in the Anime).
    Type Normal Asteroid
    Classification Shooter
    Mizukami will often disguise his other Gunner Triggers as Asteroid,[7][19] presumably because its lack of special effects is more likely to cause th opponent to drop their guard after the bullets have been fired. He is first seen using it in Chapter 157 (Episode 84 in the Anime).
    Type Normal Shield
    Classification Defense
    Mizukami casts Shield in its default hexagonal shape, adapting its size, and consequently its durability, to the requirements of the situation.[6][24] He can summon it from afar to support a teammate,[6] and has demonstrated the ability to alter its size and reposition it rather quickly.[24] Mizukami is first seen using Shield in Chapter 189.

    Parameters[edit source]

    Skill and Technique are the same stat
    Special Tactics
    Chapter 224 Page 11[25] 5

    Battle Simulation Unit[edit source]

    Action Token
    Chapter 220 Page 6[26] 14 5 6 7

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