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    Satori's ability to shoot while in motion is top-class in Border.[1] He is also the only Sniper to be able to use two rifles at the same time.[1] He also seems to have good situational awareness, remaining hidden until the best moment to snipe presents itself.

    Triggers[edit source]

    Ken Satori's Triggers
    Type Normal Egret

    Classification Sniper
    Satori's main Trigger that focuses on range, he is the only Border agent with two Egrets in his Trigger set.[1] This is due to his unique ability to utilize both at the same time. Furthermore, he has demonstrated to be capable of hitting a target while moving, and without using a scope.[2] He generally ranks quite high during sniping practice, and his mastery is said to be top-class even within Border.[1]

    Twin Snipe (ツイン狙撃(スナイプ), Tsuin Sunaipu ?): Satori summons two Egrets and, after taking aim with one eye per scope, fires them simultaneously.[3] This technique can be used against two different targets,[3] or against only one for increased firepower.[4]

    Acrobatic Twin Snipe (アクロバティックツイン狙撃(スナイプ), Akurobatikku Tsuin Sunaipu ?): An alternative version of Twin Snipe performed while the user is in motion and out of balance,[2] Satori, used it to kill a Trion Soldier with it while falling head-first, without using the scopes.[2]

    Type Normal Bagworm
    Classification Optional
    Border's Optional Trigger that renders the user invisible to Radar. It is of primary importance to a Sniper. Satori is forced to deactivate it when shooting with two Egrets, revealing his position.
    Type Normal Radar
    Classification Standard
    A Standard Trigger that shows the position of any Trion body within range. Due to Satori generally expending less trion than his teammates, he is in charge of using it and increasing its accuracy when necessary.[5]

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 69[1] 6 8 6 5 9 8 2 4 48

    References[edit source]

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