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    Despite his young age, Yomi is Galopoula’s Technology Development Section Chief, and his skills are so great he received an invitation from Aftokrator and was considered the most important asset available to his team.[1] Among his inventions is the device to control Idras remotely.[2]

    During Galopoula's blitz attack on Border, he primarily took on the role of Operator,[3] as well as seemingly being in charge of recon operations through Dogs.[4] However, he has shown to be a highly capable combatant while controlling two Idras in Manual Mode.[5] He is very analytical, seeing through the attacks of multiple of Border's Gunners[6] and breaking down the main characteristics of Idaten and Spider after seeing them only once.[7] He is also smart enough to create countermeasures against them in the midst of combat.[8]

    Side Effect[edit source]

    Yomi's Side Effect is Perfect Parallel Processing ((かん)(ぜん) (へい)(れつ) (どう)() ()(こう), Kanzen Heiretsu Dōji Shikō ?), which allows him to multi-task at maximum efficiency. Regardless of the number of foes, he can co-ordinate his thinking so that he can solve concurrent problems. He demonstrates this by controlling two Idras while at the same time talking to Koskero and Reghindetz.

    Manual Mode[edit source]

    Yomi's Triggers
    Type Normal Manual Mode
    Through a controller and a visor, Yomi can skillfully control up to two Trion Soldiers, such as Dogs[4] and Idras.[9] The former are used for reconnaissance,[10] the latter in battle. Yomi is capable of using the capabilities of an Idra to their fullest: while the individual power level of this type of Trion Soldier was stated to be comparable to that of a lower B-Rank agent,[11] it took the combined efforts of two A-Rank agents to bring down the ones directed by Yomi[12]. Tsukihiko Amō called one of them "fast one",[13] and in fact Kōtarō Suwa remarked he could not land a single hit on it.[6] Thanks to his Side Effect, Yomi can control two Idras at once at maximum efficiency. Even if they are destroyed, Yomi can instantly switch to two others and keep fighting without leaving the safety of the ship[13].

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 242-243[14] 8 3 9 5 9 1 6 10 51

    References[edit source]

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