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    The Special Battle Simulation Exercise ((とく)(しゅ)(せん)(とう) シミュレーション (えん)(しゅう), Tokusyu Sentō Shimyurēshon Ensyū ?)[1] AKA Special Battle Sim ((とく)(しゅ)(せん)(とう) シミュ, Tokusyu Sentō Shimyu ?)[1] is a simulated event introduced in Chapter 214 that lasts two days (days 5 and 6).[2]

    Trion Soldier Maker[edit source]

    Body Settings[edit source]

    There are two settings that can be changed.[3]

    the unit's size can change from 1 to 5, with 3 being a bit bigger than a person.[3]

    Additionally the movement type can be selected[3] with different leg types give different stat bonuses[4][5], and penalties.[5] with them being

    • 2 Legs - +1 to Attack, Defense, and Evasion[5]
    • 4 Legs (Beast) - +1 to Action Token, Support and Evasion[5]
    • 4 Legs (Insectoid) - +1 Action Token, Attack, and Dexterity[5]
    • 6 Legs (Insectoid) - +1 Action Token, and Dexterity[5]
    • Flying- Unaffected by Terrain while moving[6], however -5 Action Tokens, -2 Evasion[5] and -6 to range when fighting a ground unit[6], but the effect is reduced the closer the units are to each other.[6] additionally the trion soldier can't equip a sniper rifle.[6]

    Armor/Custom[edit source]

    There are two settings:

    armor density which ranges from 1 to 10.[7] which increases armor size and density[4], unit durability goes up while action tokens go down.[4]

    and Custom[7] which lets the user distort, delete, divide or add body parts for the trion soldier.[8]

    Stat Values[edit source]

    There are 6 different stat values, with a minimum of 1 in each category.[4]

    • Action Tokens - Affects number of actions that can be taken in a single turn.[4] Maximum number - 20[4]
    • Attack - Affects level cap of melee weapons, ranged weapons, and skills.[4] Maximum number - 15[4]
    • Defense - Affects level cap of shield weapons and skills.[4] Maximum number - 15[4]
    • Evasion - Affects dodge rate and level cap of skills.[4] Maximum number - 15[4]
    • Support - Affects the number of co-op actions activated in a single turn.[4] Maximum number - 15[4]
      • Co-op actions function similary to combo skills in the standard battle simulation.[9]
    • Technique - Affects level cap of ranged weapons, sniper weapons, and skills.[4] Maximum number - 15[4]

    Sensor[edit source]

    There are only 3 stats that can be changed, the minimum requirement is 0.[10]

    Trion Sensor - Affects radar's detection range.[10] maximum number - 20[11]

    Optic Sensor - Affects weapon range and scope of vision.[10] maximum number - 15[10]

    Auditory Sensor - affects weapon range and auditory detection.[10] maximum number - 10[10]

    • Data picked by sensors is shared between all units.[11]

    Weapon/Skills[edit source]

    There are 7 different weapons[12], and 8 different skills[12], additionally leaving the unit unequipped is allowed.[13]

    Different weapons have different costs due to being split between their characteristics.[14] the characteristics are.

    • Damage + Range - (Blade[14])
    • Damage + Range + Ammo (Standard Shots[14], Sniper Rifle[14])
    • Damage + Range + Ammo + Splash Damage (Meteor[14], and Grenade[14])

    Creation Rules[edit source]

    There are a creation cost, and a squad budget.[15]

    the squad budget is 12,000 no matter what.[16]

    the creation cost depends on the creation with higher stats raising the cost[4], as well as ammo[17], and with some skills having a notably high cost.[18] there is also a creation cost limit, which depends on the user's trion.[19]

    Rules[edit source]

    rules list in Chapter 238.[16]

    • The only units usable in the Special Battle Simulation are Trion Soldiers.
    • The combined cost of all deployed units must fall within the squad budget of 12,000.
    • Multiple of the same unit may deployed, but each squad member's individual creation must be used in every match (at least one of each unit).
    • When a given unit is defeated, its creation cost (and point value) is unknown.
    • Each match last five turns.
    • If the final gap in points is 2,000 or greater, the squad with more points wins.
    • If the gap in points is less than 2,000, the match will end in a draw.

    Additionally Data picked up by sensors is shared between all units.[11]

    Schedule[edit source]

    Day Win Draw Loss
    Exam Day 5
    Battle Simulation 4
    Special 1[20]
    100 20 0
    Exam Day 6
    Battle Simulation 5
    Special 2[20]
    150 30 0

    References[edit source]

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