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    According to Amō, Ratarykov is as strong as an A Rank Border agent, if not stronger.[1] He fought on even ground with Kazama, Border's Number 2 Attacker and Number 3 overall combatant for most of their fight, and had still attention to spare to attack Murakami, although he was defeated in the end. He is quite perceptive, as shown when he was able to deduce that Chameleon could not be used in conjunction with other Triggers,[2] and noticed that a still undetected Kazama was going to attack Gatlin just by the slight movement of a trion soldier.[3]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Ratarykov's Triggers
    Type Normal Despinis
    Classification Despinis
    Despinis allows Ratarykov to produce and control telekinetically up to 16[4] circular blades. Although initially he used only half,[4] he later started fighting with all of them.[5] Ratarykov seems to be very skilled with this Trigger. He was able to briefly force Border's four highest ranked Attackers on the defensive[6][2] and fought on equal ground with Kazama. He managed to redirect a Thruster boosted Raygust by hitting it sideways three times, showing great accuracy.[7] Offensively, his Trigger is rather flexible, allowing for speedy strikes from multiple angles. By combining some of the blades, their size and speed are increased.[8] Although Despinis is undoubtedly intended for long range combat, Ratarykov can use it efficiently in mid and close range combat.
    Type Normal Tunnel
    Classification Tunnel
    A small device that, when attached to a flat surface, for example a wall, creates a hole large enough for a person to pass through. It is possible this Trigger does not work if the wall is too thick. When the effect is terminated, the surface is restored to its pristine state.
    Type Normal Summon
    Classification Summon
    When planted into a solid surface, this Trigger opens up a small portal through which a Dog comes out.[9] In general, a Galopoula soldier carries many of them.[10][9]
    Type Normal Katoptron[11]
    Classification Disguise
    A Trigger that enables the user to mimic the appearance of another person[12] or of a Trion soldier.[13]
    Type Normal Shield
    Similar to in appearance and function to Border's Shield, it is durable enough to resist even the slashes of Fūjin, a Black Trigger. It was only seen projected in pentagonal form and seemingly in no more than two different sizes.[14] It does not consume any tokens.

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 242-243[15] 8 9 9 7 9 4 8 4 58

    References[edit source]

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