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    Azuma Squad[edit source]

    Tsuneyuki Okudera[edit source]

    Koarai and Okudera are teammates who seem to enjoy a good relationship[1] and a friendly rivalry when discussing strategy in the presence of Azuma.[2][3] Due to their differing personalities, Okudera may end up in some of Koarai's more reckless tendencies,[4][5] and may feel frustrated when Koarai acts smug around him.[3][6] This however does not diminish the concern Koarai shows for Okudera in combat,[7][8] and the latter has also demonstrated to care about Koarai's mood.[9] They address each other by surname, without honorifics.[7][10]

    Haruaki Azuma[edit source]

    Azuma is Koarai's captain and mentor.[11][12] He educates him in strategy while giving him the space to come up with his own plans.[13] In addition, he is to an extent responsible for Koarai's Trigger Set, having forbidden him to equip Sub Triggers until he showed to have grown enough.[9] Koarai greatly respects Azuma and is filled with pride when validated by him.[3][6] His admiration dates to before he joined Azuma Squad, as he clung to the captain's leg and begged for the chance to be part of it.[14] They address each other by surname,[15] with Koarai adding the honorific -san.[3]

    Mako Hitomi[edit source]

    Hitomi is a big sister figure to Koarai and Okudera, who joined Border when she did,[14] and she may invite them to cool down when their discussions turn into ego battles.[2] He has grown accustomed to finding her giggling while watching horror movies in the dark in the strategy room.[16] Koarai calls her by name, to which he appends the honorific -san,[17] while she uses his nickname without honorifics.[18]

    Others[edit source]

    Taichi Betsuyaku[edit source]

    Betsuyaku is school friends with Koarai,[14] whom he refers to by the nickname "Koala", without honorifics,[19] seemingly connoting a rather close relationship.

    Ken Satori[edit source]

    Koarai and Satori are school friends.[14]

    Hisato Sasamori[edit source]

    Koarai and Sasamori are of an age and might be close, seeing as they were seen walking together in the base.[20] Koarai was enthusiastic about Sasamori's one victory against Hyuse.[21]

    Tatsuhito Ikoma[edit source]

    Koarai and Ikoma are presumably on good terms, with Koarai feeling entitled to bemoan Ikoma's involuntary foul when he sparred with Hyuse.[22] Koarai addresses Ikoma by shortening his surname and appending the honorific -san, while Ikoma uses Koarai's nickname and no honorifics.[23]

    Kō Murakami[edit source]

    Koarai and Murakami might be close, since the former referred to the latter by his first name, albeit with the addition of the honorific -san.[22]

    Shinnosuke Tsuji[edit source]

    Koarai is presumably somewhat close with Tsuji, taunting him when they clashed in round four.[24] For his part, Tsuji appears not to mind Koarai's informality.[25] Nonetheless, Koarai acknowledges Tsuji's superior swordsmanship[26] and addresses him respectfully, using his surname and the honorific -senpai.[24][25]

    Sumiharu Inukai[edit source]

    Inukai knows Koarai well enough to be able to tell that he would generally prefer to hope in a final shot rather than retreat, as well as to call him by his nickname without adding an honorific.[27]

    Nozomi Kako[edit source]

    Kako knows Koarai well enough to be able to accurately guess that it was his idea to give the map for round four a snow setting. She refers to him by his surname followed by the suffix -kun.[28]

    Jun Arashiyama[edit source]

    Arashiyama knows Koarai well enough to be able to tell that he would generally prefer to hope in a final shot rather than retreat.[27]

    Yūta Miura[edit source]

    Koarai and Miura are familiar with each other at least by sight,[29] although Miura's popularity among younger Attackers[30] could imply that they are closer than that. Koarai addresses him by his surname followed by the honorific -senpai,[29] suggesting respect.

    Hyuse[edit source]

    Koarai was deeply impressed with Hyuse's combat prowess. Though losing all five rounds to him[31] and subsequently rooting for his opponents,[21][32][33] he later enthusiastically greeted and complimented the recruit,[34] going so far as to invite him to join Azuma Squad.[35]

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