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    Three bullies from Osamu and Yūma's school, who are collectively known as 3 Idiots (3バカ, 3 Baka ?) aka the Idiot Trio. In the manga, their names are not given and are referred to as No.1, No.2, and No.3. In the anime, the credits gave them the surnames: Eida ((えい)() ?), Bitō (()(とう) ?), and Shīhara ((しい)(はら) ?).

    They all appeared in the first chapter and first episode.

    Personality[edit source]

    Being bullies, all 3 of them have been shown to be mean, but nothing else is of much notice.

    History[edit source]

    Introduction Arc[edit source]

    The Group first bullies an unnamed student, but then later bullies Yūma during class. after-class they bring Yūma and Osamu into the Forbidden Zone and beats up Osamu, but after attempting to hit Yūma with a wooden plank, a Bamster comes out of a gate to attack them. However Osamu and later Yūma saves them and then the trio are taken into Border's "protection".

    The next day they attempt to steal money from people, but are quickly scared off by Yūma.

    Border Enlistment Arc[edit source]

    When Osamu goes back to school, the trio are seen in the background sneaking off.

    Trivia[edit source]

    • No. 1 (Eida the redhead) is "Ringleader" of the group. He is the worst of all the delinquents but Ashihara wishes to improve his danger detection skills so he could survive.[1]
    • No. 2 (Bitō, brown hair) is "The Annoying One", The author doesn't exactly hate him however he finds him easy to draw.[1]
      • His Japanese voice actor, Hiroaki Miura, also voices Ryō Utagawa.
    • No. 3 (Shīhara, dyed hair) is "Roots Showing". According to Volume 1, his delinquency is his hobby. He has good grades, and his family is quite rich.[1]
      • His Japanese voice actor, Kōta Nemoto, also voices Ken Satori, while his English voice actor, Daegan Manns, also voices Reiji Kizaki.

    References[edit source]

    1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 World Trigger Manga — The Lives of Bit Players: Part 1, Vol. 1
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