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    Since he was selected as a member of the Galopoula blitz team, Reghindetz's abilities were likely deemed useful. Koskero had enough trust in him to let him control most of the Idras, although he later repented it. Reghindetz is also capable of taking the initiative and has some skills in strategy, as demonstrated by his plan to scatter Border's troops by moving towards the city and his attempt to divert Border's attention from Galopoula to Hyuse and Aftokrator; however, both tactics ended up failing.

    Triggers[edit source]

    Reghindetz's Triggers
    Type Normal Thugator
    Classification Thugator
    A long whip covered in spikes that replaces his right arm. Although its effects were not shown, it is safe to assume it is an offensive Trigger, as Reghindetz activated it while charging at Hyuse.[1]
    Type Normal Radar
    Classification Radar
    A more powerful version of Border's radar, this Trigger highlights humans and the various types of trion warriors with different markers. It also indicates which way the enemies are moving.[2] It is able to detect even agents using the Bagworm.[2]

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 242-243[3] 7 8 6 8 7 4 5 5 50

    References[edit source]

    1. World Trigger Manga and Anime Vol. 16 Chapter 135 (p. 11) and Episode 77.
    2. 2.0 2.1 World Trigger Manga and Anime Vol. 14 Chapter 124 (p. 13) and Episode 74.
    3. World Trigger MangaBorder Briefing File (p. 242-243)
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