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    Yūichi Jin ((じん) (ゆう)(いち), Jin Yūichi ?) is the protagonist in the one-shot Talented Elite Jin.

    Appearance[edit source]

    Jin looks very much like his main series counterpart, albeit older. Also, his jacket is a darker shade of blue and has a ribbed collar, and white stripes rather than black ones; it also doesn't have the Tamakoma Branch emblem on the sleeves. His shirt has the text "2.5 Maime" and he has a light orange/golden holster rather than a dark brown one. Additionally, he wields a weapon more akin to a Katana.

    Personality[edit source]

    Trivia[edit source]

    • According to Editor Hattori, the reason why Jin is the oneshot's protagonist is because Ashihara thought it would be a waste to use Osamu and Yūma in the oneshot, so he suggested using Jin instead and Hattori liked the idea.[1]

    References[edit source]

    1. Daisuke Ashihara: Q: Was there a reason that spurred you to drawing a character with Jin’s personality?
      A. When it turned into drawing this one-shot as a prototype for World Trigger, I wanted to set aside Yuuma and Osamu for serialisation feeling that using them in the one-shot would be a waste. So I asked Bapti-san if I could use a different protagonist, was given the OK, and so the story came to be about Jin, created to be a sempai character to Yuuma and Osamu. Rather than ‘let’s draw Jin’, I judged that Jin would be easier to draw. Compared to Yuuma and Osamu, Jin had an easy to understand character that was fitting for a one-shot, so it all worked out well.
      Source: Special Interview, Border Briefing File, Page 384

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