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    As an All-Rounder, Kakizaki has scored at least 6,000 points with an Attacker Trigger and a Gunner Trigger. As such, he should be individually more powerful than C-rank trainees and some B-rank agents. His Triggers enable him to fight effectively at both close and mid-range, although not at the same time.[1] His preferred weapon seems to be his assault rifle, which allows him to engage the opponent from afar and easily coordinate with his teammates.[2] Despite being severely outmatched by Yūma, Kakizaki managed to injure him gravely by attempting a mutual kill when Yūma landed a fatal blow.[3] On that occasion Kakizaki displayed good enough reactions to dodge a thrust from Yūma and a modicum of skill at hand-to-hand combat to trap his arm with his own mutilated one.[4]

    Kakizaki's last-ditch attempt to take out Yūma.

    Kakizaki's leadership, strategic skills and unwitting charisma[5] have earned him the complete trust of his teammates, even as he second-guesses himself. In battle, however, he does not let his lack of confidence make him hesitate. In fact, he can assess the situation very quickly and issue directions to his teammates promptly,[6][7][8] now wasting an instant even when the conditions change suddenly.[9][10] According to Mitsuru Tokieda, Kakizaki's only weakness is that he always tries to shoulder all the responsibility by himself and not expose his teammates to risks, causing them to miss certain opportunities. While the three-man formation he designed is known to be reliable and solid,[11][12] he is found by many to be too reticent to break it up when needed,[13][12] to the point that prior to hiss match against Tamakoma Second, Kakizaki Squad had no two-to-one formations.[14] Against the widespread oversimplification that Kakizaki's flaw is that he is too careful, however, Tokieda objected that there is no such thing, and that Kakizaki Squad was, to the best of his knowledge, the only B-rank Squad involved in the Second Large-Scale Invasion that survived it without any of its members bailing out.[15]

    Triggers[edit source]

    Kuniharu Kakizaki's Triggers
    Type Normal Asteroid

    Gunner Class

    Kakizaki fires Asteroid through an assault rifle[16], which grants him a high rate of fire.[17] He seems to be quite accurate against slower opponents, hitting Wakamura's shoulder multiple times in spite of the latter moving and having put up a Shield[18], however Kakizaki was unable to hit a moving Yūma[19] with Kakizaki barely able to hit Yūma's Shield[19] additionally he wasn't able to hit a flying Ranbanein.[20] Kakizaki and Teruya's combined firepower was noted by Izumi to be able to overwhelm all three members of Katori Squad.[21] Kakizaki is first seen using Asteroid in Chapter 60 (Episode 27 in the anime).
    Type Normal Kogetsu

    Attacker Class

    Kakizaki activates this Trigger when it is no longer convenient to fight at mid-range[22] rather than have it constantly conjured at his hip; however, he has kept it in existence after switching to his assault rifle on two occasions,[19][23] possibly because he expected to have to pull it out soon. Kakizaki's swordsmanship is impaired when he wields Kogetsu with only one hand.[24] Although he was able to block one of Yūma's attack even after the loss of one arm,[22] he was severely outmatched without his teammates' assistance while inside Tamakoma Second's wire zone.[24] Kakizaki is first seen using Kogetsu in Chapter 141 (Episode 79 in the anime).
    Type Normal Shield

    Defense Class

    Unlike other users of Gunner Triggers who erect a Shield while engaging the opponent to keep their mobility, Kakizaki prefers to fire his assault rifle from the cover provided by the environment,[25] nor did he deploy a Shield at any point while fighting Yūma with either Gunner or Attacker Triggers.[26][27] When ambushed by Osamu, he cast it in a round shape that protected his upper body and most of his head.[28] Kakizaki is first seen using Shield in Chapter 139 (Episode 78 in the anime).
    Type Normal Bagworm

    Optional Class

    A Trigger that prevents the user's Trion signature from being detected by Radar, therefore concealing their position. Kakizaki is first seen using Bagworm in Chapter 140 (Episode 79 in the anime).

    Parameters[edit source]

    Special Tactics
    Border Briefing File Page 180[16] 7 7 7 7 7 4 6 2 47

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